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Going on Holiday with the Dark


Just a note to those who might email or message me, or book an appointment at As of today I will be mostly unavailable due to going on a holiday for 1 week (and it’s my b’day on the 7th wooooo). Will be back online (properly) on the 9th of Jan.

Happy New Year to eeeverryoooneee.


P.S. I was freaking out about how un-organised things are with it, but I decided to pretend like nothing is planned and there’s nothing I could be doing about it, and that has allowed me to move into a space of allowing and I feel much clearer and happier. My list is pretty put together and I am prepared for anything because I expect nothing (because I don’t know what to to expect, I mean).

(^ A helpful tip for those who are like me E.g. ‘WTF DO YOU MEAN WE ARE DRIVING AROUND AT 6PM TRYING TO FIND A SPOT TO CAMP IN THE BUSH, IN THE RAIN, IN THE DARK’ (re: last time)
Now maybe this time I will be able to just let the rain kiss my skin and the dark whisper its simple, deep secrets.