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Undercover (Dawn)

It is difficult to be the one who always holds faith, who believes that people are innately good and are more than what they show on the surface. It is difficult to be the one who is willing to be vulnerable to help others understand, only to have them not always do the same.

It’s kind of cold underneath the surface
But we get there in the end
We get there in the end

Undercover your skin feels soft
Out of the sun, in the dark, it’s what we’ve got
It’s a tired time, it’s a time to mellow
But the dawn reignites your fear

The sun’s coming up
Bruises startin’ to show
In the yawn of the sun and the light of yellow
Armour starts to regrow

You’re just straining for something new to be born
And you know it can’t wait

But the days are too long, and you’re tired, and you’re back in bed
Before the questions can start to sing the answers in your head
So I’m singing you to sleep silently
Awake in your dark, quietly

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne


Time to Allow

From my perspective, it has become apparent that it is time for some people to decide who they are. Are you someone who allows or are you someone that resists, in the face of the unknown?

Are you someone who can see the beauty in the sharing of honest experiences? Experiences and personal truths that are made up of spiritual, paranormal and unusual events…these things being shared, even at the risk of ridicule?

Or, are you someone who chooses to ridicule the sharer, ultimately because you fear that others having these experiences may mean that the world is in fact changing.

But it is not your world, it is their world, it is their reality as they know it that it is changing. It is time to realise this.

Their changing days do not have to become yours. If you react negatively, it is from the belief that you do not have the power to keep your reality the way that it is any more. But realise – you always do. Everyone’s reality is different. This has always been the case and it always will be because we do each have our individual power. It can never leave you because it is you. You are the power that creates your world and you always will be. I am the power that creates mine and I always will be. It is time to realise this, it is time to allow.

Rebecca Town