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Emotional Healing with Unicorns and The Beach

“Yesterday I went to the beach to experience the cool energy, the water (the sight, not the touch. Oh, the cold chills of salt ice, of Winter ocean… I miss Summer), the Earth who expresses herself as sand there, the expansive sky that stretches like a never ending canvas above my head, the stillness of the surrounding plant life and the air that wafts over me and into my lungs…”

“I moved to the heart chakra. I felt a curious emotional and ‘etheric sense’ of pain there. I realised I was facing more remnants of the heart chakra injury I have for so long endured that stems from repetitive emotional injury over the course of my life (I generally struggle with with an inability to experience or at least believe in emotional safety in this life. I feel emotionally safe about 65% of the time I think. This is slowly changing though)…” [click to read more]


VIDEO: Q&A/Meditation/Hangout is HERE

Hi Everyone,

The live Q&A/Meditation/Hangout that took place 9pm 13th February UTC is now available to watch.
Yona Curtis (Spiritual life coach, Shaman, Seer and more) and I (Rebecca Elizabeth Anne – Spiritual Intuitive, Animal Communicator and more) took questions from the audience on various topics relating to spirituality and the energetic universe. The video starts with a brief meditation that clears your energetic field and connects you to both the Earth and universal energy.


VIDEO: Q&A/Meditation/Hangout with Rebecca Elizabeth Anne and Yona Curtis

Topics covered:

Cymatics  (relationship between music and the water in our bodies)
Souls (what happens when we die, walk ins, soul forks)
Chakra blockage (and communication)
Relationship problems
Emotion/grief expression
Vegan pets
Animal communication (how does talking to animals work?)
Shamanism (Yona on being a ‘modern shaman’)
Spirit guide interactions
Intuitive readings
Spiritual life coaching
Spiritual awakenings
Psychic ability development
Astral projection/out of body experiences
And more…

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LIVE, FREE EVENT: Q & A/Meditation/Hangout with Rebecca Elizabeth Anne and Yona Curtis.

Hey everyone,

I have an announcement!

My wonderful and wise friend Yona Curtis (Shaman, Toroidal Energy Healer, Higher Communicator and more) and I have created an Online Q and A/Meditation/Hangout Event (Via YouTube/Google+ Hangouts).

This free event is open to all and has been created to provide a platform where you can ask us your questions about pretty much anything related to spirituality and the energetic universe.

Click here or on the image below to check out the Facebook event page. More details coming soon.
(Link to convert time zone:

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P.S. Cats (x3) may be present on my end of things. This event is cat approved.

Split Consciousness Out of Body Experience

The other night as I was just starting to fall asleep, I saw stars. Not imaginary, dream-like stars, and not ‘seeing stars because you got whacked in the head’, kind of stars, but REAL STARS.

It was like I was literally outside (but hovering up closer to the sky by the looks of it), it was like I was seeing it all with my physical eyes, my normal open-eyed vision. It was epic and weird and crazy.

As I realised and marvelled at it, it sort of disappeared and then I tried to ‘bring it back’ and only managed to gather an imagined image of stars. They just looked like pictures when you day dream, you know…but THEN as I was drifting off to sleep again, it happened again!

It was this beautiful galaxy milky way kind of epic view, like those photos taken in a remote desert somewhere that reveal the whole milky way on clear nights…
But it was like my eyeballs were right there beneath that dark but ever so bright sky…

stars milky way

It was very very similar to this, but darker. Imagine lying on the ground, looking up at this. Except there is no ground, you’re floating in space. Yea. That was it. Just looking at this throws me back into the memory and makes me feel a bit dizzy!

And then, it happened again, but this time it was a single star and it was really fucking bright and really fucking beautiful. Again, it was this weird definitely-different-to-normal-mind-imagery. It was like I was standing (floating?) in front of it using my physical eyeballs to see this miraculous star. It was a little bit too bright as it flickered a couple of times, so I had to ‘blink’ (even though my eyes were shut digitized sky survey siriusthis whole time? This is so hard to describe, what the hell), and in that tiny moment of ‘blinking’ I was worried that this perfect little star that had come to visit me/I went to visit would disappear and I would never experience it’s presence/beauty ever again and it was such a tragic sorrow to think of that…but, after this split second blink and emotional chorus of concern, the star was still there, and it flashed (or rather, flickered, but it was so bright, flickering sounds too soft a word) at me again as if to say, “I’m not going anywhere”, “we are together”.

I keep saying, ‘what the hell etc.’ buuuut I am guessing that this was the result of remaining partially conscious as my normal, physical, third dimensional consciousness was drifting up and away, back to the higher dimensions and to source, (as all of our minds/souls do every night when we sleep).

I have never been out of body but have been thinking about it more and more. I know that I could do it, I am just scared that I will fail and get frustrated (so not trying means I don’t have to feel those feelings I assume will occur), and scared that I will accidentally manifest scary things* when in these other dimensions.

I know that I am on my way to getting out of body though as lately I have found that almost every time I meditate, regardless of what the meditation is about (if it’s a guided one) or my intention with it, I start to get those feelings that come with an increased vibratory rate, that culminate into one leaving one’s body I.e. feeling far away mentally, body starts to go numb and lose sensation, but simultaneously tingling and vibrating sensations begin to arise…All of these are the body/mind/soul preparing to exit the physical realm (though people never leave enough to lose automated and necessary-for-survival functioning like keeping the heart beating and the lungs breathing etc).

Also, about a month ago now, I was meditating and said to my guides, “I would like to better understand the concept of oneness within this meditation, that is my intention in this moment”, and I had what is apparently a well known feeling when astral projection occurs – I felt myself ‘fall’ but, I ‘fell’ into myself…
I half knew what was happening and I got too excited and so I think I brought myself out of it – the mental relaxation required started to go. I did get it to happen again a couple of times though, but not enough to continue with it enough to leave this dimension…I think I got a bit scared as well because I wasn’t 100% sure or prepared. I got excited because I know now that my guides were going to take me out of body to show me an experience on another dimension that would illuminate and increasing my understanding of the concept of oneness. I hope to get this happening again sometime soon.

But, back to this star-event: I am going to say that it was, “A split consciousness out of body experience”. Because I WAS still in my body BUT I was simultaneously seeing what the other part of my consciousness was experiencing.

We are multi dimensional beings after all. Our consciousness is always, simultaneously, in a million different places doing lots of different things, we are just rarely conscious of it.

And in this moment, I was conscious and it was amazing.

meditation digital art

Please leave a comment if you know the artist of this beautiful piece!

*Note: As you move to the ‘higher’ dimensions, the time it takes to for thought to manifest something into your reality-experience is drastically increased, meaning if I start worrying that I might come across scary astral monsters I’ve read about here and there, I will be creating them with my mind and bam! they will be there in about no seconds. I should mention here that what I am saying is the truth – there are no such things as astral monsters unless you create them by virtue of your vibration – I say vibration because yes, you can have a conscious thought about them and then create it and it’s like. “oh okay that’s why that happened” but, you can also have vibrations that are made up of subconscious and hidden concerns or negative beliefs that you aren’t aware of.

So, the way to deal with all this is to make sure you are confident and are in a positive mind frame when you go about astral projection and such things, and know that if you can create them with your mind, you can get rid of them with your mind too. You can also call in your spirit guides who’s simple presence will provide a boost of confidence to you, by just knowing they are there. They may also actively help to make these entities disappear, only if that boost of confidence and increase in sense of security is not enough for you.

Embodying Your Higher Self Meditation

Embodying Your Higher Self Meditation by Solara An-Ra

I highly recommend this meditation if you wish to experience feelings of unity and oneness with others and a general sense of inner strength and consequential peace. – That is my experience of this meditation anyway.

That which we call the higher self or soul self is the you that is ‘whole’ and fully aware of your multidimensional nature. Being in this state (and practising aligning with it) will make it easier for you to hold an awareness of the other dimensions within your day-to-day consciousness. As such, higher dimensional information and guidance will be more readily available. 🙂 It’s all just a matter of re-connection.

Solara An-Ra is an amazing guide, check out her website that has a lot of free meditations available to play and/or download @

Channelling from Guides and Meditation

Channelling just Received:

“Sometimes you will just feel an urge to channel like this and things will go smoothly. Other times it may take a while. But it’s all the same in the end. You are always aligned with us even in your darkest moments. Don’t worry. Don’t worry.
Guidance at this time is a necessity in your incarnation. We are here for you. We are here for you. We sense your overwhelming sadness and we extend ourselves to you. You are NOT alone. Train yourself with us and we can show you how very alone you are NOT.”
/vision: reaching out of arms with pink energy, white gown, golden hair and light – 6 beings

“Every emotion you feel, we feel it to. We are connected. We are as one. You’re going to be alright. Becc, in due time. And everything leads to a greater song. All the sad songs, they make up the symphony.
Know that you are not alone.”

I used a small quartz sphere today during meditation. I wasn’t sure why, I just felt the intuition to hold it (him…I think it’s a him).
I asked why this was so after the meditation. I learnt that the spherical shape is good for aligning the spine and thus aligning with columns of energy that I was connecting to between Gaia, the Galaxy (source) and myself. The quartz sphere’s energetic grid is just perfectly evenly structured and thus well suited to this kind of meditation.

fairy bird art

I really felt the being that is Gaia during this meditation (during the part where one grounds oneself to Gaia and creates a light column that suspends you, or rather, your vibration between Gaia and the Galaxy (source).
I really love Gaia. I just really resonate with her as…’as a person’?
She is so big and grand and majestic, and so giving and sometimes sad (I will never forget one time at my previous workplace that I was doing a very quick grounding exercise during my break at my desk and as I did this, I got this intense wave of just sadness and grief from Gaia and I felt such compassion and empathy…it was one of my rare, truly energetically empathic moments. I’m still not sure why she sent that to me so randomly. But I sent her love back anyway and we were both alright). But she is mostly grand and so aware of her part in this universe and her responsibility and she lives with us without judgement and without anger at what we may do to/upon her… She knows herself, her role and us. She loves us so, so dearly. She truly is The Mother.

The meditation I did just now is the Pleiadian Essential Daily Practises by Solara An-Ra.
It’s very good and all inclusive…what I mean is that it covers grounding to Earth, aligning with source, balancing chakras and bringing in unconditional love. Very thorough, with even cleansing.

It is ‘me and Solara’s’ meditation. : ) It is very special to me because it is the one where we do channelled somatic movement therapy together. Basically every time I do it, I get ‘the urge’ (aka channelled energy flows through to guide my movements) to move in slow swaying movements as I sit cross legged. I am guided to move my hands and body around in all sorts of ways. E.g. Doing a prayer movement or creating a triangle shape with my hands, roll my neck, stretch my arms in different shapes, hold my palms to my third eye area…many different things. As it turns out, this is me being guided by my primary guide, Solara An Ra.
Its purpose is to align my system, clear my energetic meridians and ultimately bend and play with my genetic helix (of light) to allow higher energies to come through. Repeated sessions of this will result in my frequency rising to the point where I will be able to align with my Pleiadian guide/s, higher self, brothers and sisters more so than at present, so that I can channel Pleiadian messages of love and information smoothly and accurately to the masses.

It has all been a very interesting experience!

Love to anyone reading this.

P.S. The message offered to me by my guides about definitely being NOT alone…it is extended to YOU too.
You are NOT alone. You are so very un-alone. You are surrounded. You are loved. I love you.
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To Sleep or Not To Sleep? That is the Question.

all you need is sleep
I am feeling sick with a cold/flu thing. I had a terrible sleep. I shouldn’t go back to sleep now because I will probably sleep too long and be wide awake all night…. Set an alarm, I know, but I always grumpily turn them off in my half-still-asleep mode.

Then again, “All you need is sleep.”

Maybe I will meditate. I have been trying to do this one by Solara An Ra frequently. We (me and my guide) have been doing channelled somatic movement therapy as I do this meditation. That is, moving the body to move energy through the energetic meridians thereby opening up the channels in my DNA genetic helix for Pleiadian energy to come through. It’s a really good meditation for anyone anyway, check it out:


How to Talk to Animals: Animal Communication

How to Talk to Animals: Animal Communication

Animal Communication is basically telepathy. You are aligning your unique ‘you’ vibration with the animal’s unique vibration. It is a meeting of minds. At the point of connection you could say you are literally sharing one mind. This is why the information you send/receive can be felt and known  via any of the senses (physical and ‘extra’-sensory perceptions. I.e. Thoughts, feelings, images, physical sensations, sounds, tastes and smells.
Note in regards to receiving thoughts: Yes, what I mean is you will send/receive actual words, like an actual conversation between you and the animal. But, you can also receive thoughts from a more direct place of knowing – those thoughts that make you say, “I don’t know how I know, but I KNOW.” – what you might call a strong, spiritual intuition.

Telepathy is the language of the universe because ‘communication’ is simply the sending and receiving of energy. It is a transference of energy that holds informative and particular vibration, AKA that which we call, ‘information’.  This is why and how people who go out of body via astral projection or a near-death experience will ‘speak’ to other beings via telepathy. Distance does not matter when it comes to telepathy, or any energy exchange at all.

Animals exist in the physical world and so yes, they do communicate with their

bodies (this includes utilising the vocal cords), but this is fairly unconscious (just like most of us are unaware just how much information our body language conveys to another person).
Animals do not consciously speak a loud to one another because they live in the quiet of knowing their true divinity. There is no need for words when you know that all beings are connected and that all is conscious, as the animals do. It is only us humans that feel such a deep sense of separation that we think we have to expend extra energy by using our physical bodies (via the vocal cords) to send and receive thoughts and ideas we wish to share with one another.Cat Communication

By utilising telepathy you are able to commune with any being, plant or animal, living or deceased, physical or non-physical, terrestrial or extra-terrestrial. It is just a matter of practise.

The first thing one must cultivate is silence in the mind. This can be achieved by meditating and breathing deeply, which relaxes the mind and body. You need to reach the mental space of ‘no-thought’ so that you are ready to receive incoming thoughts from the other being. If your mind is not clear your own thoughts will distort or block you from the information you receive.

You must also be prepared to send as well. To remain in the relaxed state, you should have your questions/statements clear and ready-to-go, before you start. Know exactly what you want to say and when you want to say it.

On the other hand, you don’t have to have a set list of things to say – you could just say, “Hi, is there anything you want to tell me?”

The easiest way for me to explain how to connect and what it animal communication feels like is to give you an example (I may write a more detailed “How to Connect” article in the future).
Before I do so, I will tell you about:

Setting Your Intention

I believe that setting a clear intention of what you want to do and why does the following things:

1. Helps you stay focused – with a clear goal in mind, your ego-mind will be less ‘in the way’ of the peace you are trying to maintain. This is because the ego-mind likes having something to do. It will be satisfied with clear instructions and having a ‘plan’.

2. Lets the animal know why you are communicating with them (intention, just like everything else, is an energetic piece of information. Any being that is sensitive to energy will automatically pick up on your intention, or at the very least, they will know if you hold positive or negative intentions). Once they understand why you are communicating, their interest will be peaked, so they will be more open energetically and thus this can allow you to connect with ease. They can feel the mental energy, the focus being placed on them.

How to Set Your Intention:

An intention is just a statement or a thought that explains what you are doing and why you are doing it. Basically you want to a) state what and why you are doing what you’re doing and b) provide a supporting statement, an affirmation that it will go smoothly.
The best way I can explain it is with an example:

My intention for when I communicated with Garrett, the dog was something like,
“I now set the intention to commune with Garrett. I align my mind and heart with his so that we may speak to one another. I do this on behalf of his human guardian, ‘namegoeshere’. I know that our connection is strong through the oneness of the natural, divine source that we all share. This communication will flow clearly and easily. I set this intention with love and with the highest good of all in mind.”

The Communication

This is part of a communication I had with a dog named Garrett. I have added in the methodology:

1. I made sure I was in a comfortable position and relaxed. I closed my eyes. I then took as many deep breaths as I needed to until I had slowed down my mind enough to stop thinking and be quiet inside my mind (so that I would be able to hear Garrett). *I keep my eyes closed throughout the communication unless I want to write/draw something to allow for visual imagery to flow easily*.

2. I then focused on a photo of Garrett and stated my intention aloud (you can do it in your mind if you want, it does not matter).
Note: If you are going to communicate with the animal in your presence, make sure they aren’t doing something particularly interesting to them, like eating dinner or playing ball.
Other than those obvious, ‘I’m busy’ times, don’t worry if it looks like the animal is not focusing. Animals are always multi-tasking. They ARE listening, trust me.

3. I acknowledged Garrett as a wise, intelligent being. I said/thought to myself, “I know that Garrett is just an extension of me, and we are an extension of the divinity of all.” – You should say something that makes you feel a sense of oneness and equality with the animal.

4. I focused on feelings of unconditional love. I did this by asking the universe to send universal love down, into my heart. You can also try to think of a time you felt wholly loved, a positive memory perhaps, and hold that feeling in your heart space – any method of bringing love to yourself is fine. I then I sent that feeling of unconditional love and oneness I felt ‘towards’ Garrett via an imaginary soft pink light coming from my heart chakra.Earth Energy This is an energetic invitation for Garret to connect with my energy so we can share the same space of consciousness I.e. begin communication. I sent this pink light to Garrett’s heart and then imagined it spreading over his body until he was covered in a loving, pink glow.

From there, it is all about feeling and trusting your intuition.

So, I said: “Hi Garrett, my name is Rebecca and I’m wondering if you’d like to communicate with me on behalf of your person?” and then I heard a “Yes! That’d be great!” in my mind. When I say I ‘heard’ it I don’t mean I heard it like someone was talking to me in the room. What I mean is I ‘heard’ it in my mind. Any words that you hear from an animal sounds like your own voice, your own thinking voice inside your head. All the images too – it feels like your imagination – but it isn’t.

After I got the confirmation from Garrett that is was alright to start communicating, I started asking him questions. I did this by stating them in my head to Garrett and by sending visual imagery to him.
E.g. “Garrett, your person wants to know how you have been feeling in your body…?” *I send a picture to Garrett of himself*  *I also said the word ‘body’ with emphasis*

Answers would start to come into my own mind in the form of words and images. The images are in your mind too, and the look the same as when you day dream, except this time it was definitely not my day dream, but rather a little dog named Garrett’s!
E.g. I see an image (this image is in the mind’s eye) of Garrett’s paw, it’s bending forward in a painful, weird way. It looks like he is on a footpath, on a lead. I hear the word, “I hurt my paw. It’s fine. But it got all scratched up. It still hurts. But it’s fine.” I then got the *knowing* that because he only sent that image, it means the rest of his body is feeling okay.

Next question,: “Garrett, your people want to know if you have a life purpose or particular reason that you came to be with them in this life…?” *I did not send any images here*
Garrett said, “My life contract with them is to see them through any hard times they might face and to let them know that the world is a safe place to be in. I am here to teach them to be brave when they aren’t strong and to not run from a fight – their fears.” *Did not receive any images*

And then it just goes on and on until you are done. When you have finished, make sure the last thing you say is a true and heartfelt thank you to the animal. Thank them for helping you learn and make sure they know that you know what a lot of humans are yet to fully grasp –  we are one and the same (a very wise cat said that to me as his goodbye in a previous communication, I will never forget the purity of that statement).

I am firstly clairaudient (clear-hearing) and then clairvoyant (clear-seeing) so my communications usually come in the form of words and images. I also usually get some clairsentient (clear-feeling) communication in there as well. Very occasionally I have experience clairgustance (clear-tasting) which is usually very funny to me because it is so strange…E.g. I asked my cats their favourite food, my mouth starts to water for and I can taste delicious cat biscuits in my mouth. I might as well have been drooling over a big block of chocolate…but it was cat food!

So, there is a simple introduction to Animal Communication!

Interacting in the 5th Dimension

Interacting in the 5th Dimension

Awhile ago, I did a meditation called “Letting Go” by Dwaine Hartman which is all about visualising yourself in a peaceful place, away from all of the pressures and problems in one’s life, and moving into the 5th dimension – in your heart and mind, not physically.

When I got to the part of the meditation where you visualise yourself in space, and enveloped by source and the love of all that is, my principal spirit guide (who is from the Pleiades Star System/Constellation) popped into the meditation to answer some questions I had been thinking and just to be there with me. As soon as I was in this space of love and calmness, and my guide was there, I realised I was experiencing what the 5th dimensional consciousness is like. However, after a moment of this peace, I also felt a quick wave of sadness and release of grief. I didn’t physically cry or anything but in my mind I felt just overwhelmed with a sense of loneliness and sadness. I asked myself “Huh? Why am I feeling like this?” And my guide popped in and answered “Every time we talk like this (whether in this particular meditation or not), we are in the 5th dimension.” “You cannot be in 5th dimensional consciousness if you are holding onto lower vibrations. In order to be in it, you must be free of negative emotion. (When you move into or around high vibrations you will either become automatically entrained with that higher frequency OR you will be compelled to leave the situation – this is the Law of Attraction in action in regards to what kinds of energies can and cannot share the same space.) You will always experience this release in the beginning of the connection if you are hanging onto negative emotions.”

This experience was created by doing this meditation which involved visualising yourself floating up and out of your current life and all the struggles it holds and moving into a visualised space that makes you feel calm and helps to gain a higher perspective. In this particular meditation, the suggested place to visualise is space, floating over the world. But it doesn’t matter what you visualise, as long as it makes you feel calm and connected to your higher, soul self and source energy. I.e. sometimes I will visualise myself by a river in the sunlight somewhere instead.
It is all created and experienced in the mind’s eye, which in my opinion is the 4th dimension without leaving your body (the 4th dimension is also that which is immediately accessed if you go out of body and are in your astral body). However, this meditation moved one’s consciousness just that bit further, into the 5th dimension.

These interactions are considered telepathy. You are aligning your frequency to one another, matching each other by meeting one another half way and creating the alignment. It is like you are both tuned into the same radio station and therefore, you can talk to one another on it.
To elaborate on telepathy – once you align the frequency you are then sharing thoughts, feelings, words, physical sensations and emotions because you are sort of ‘sharing one mind’.