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How do I write these echoes
Of long lost love, and lust?
How do I identify
What I can’t bring myself to even try
To consider?

You have bled into my veins
You have opened clothes to make stains
Are you aware of the delicate sound
That I’ve never heard you make?

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

Maybe I’ve made an error
But I’d rather admit it
Than say never

I’ll implode
If I never know you
I’ve always known you

You are music
To my heart


On my new, Doctor Who blog. And…growth.

I got too obsessed with Doctor Who so I had to start another blog for it.

I’ve found that Doctor Who has stirred something in me, something I’ve been missing for a long time and for a shorter, more recent time have come to notice and wished to get back…that something is my creativity. My creativity was long lost in the depths of a stifled sacral chakra – the energetic portal of creation, of the myth and legend and the truth that is me…with the colours of a cloud shrouded sunset…it was tired and covered in dust. But now, now I’m brushing off the dust and I’m blinking in the light.

Something…something is happening to me. Doctor Who happened/is happening/will always be happening to me.
Because Doctor Who has awakened this creative energy, this blog may also feature a little bit of music and photographs and magic – the sounds and the images of life, whatever sparks and flares in my eyes…anything and everything that reminds us that life is beautiful.

I also think that my recent Shadow Work (‘shadow work’: identification of detrimental core beliefs, with the intention of changing them into something positive, or at the very least, neutral – also related to working with and healing trauma…whatever the individual needs to integrate the fragmented self, the art of healing emotional pain to be more exact (in my opinion, at least)…) that I’ve done >here< regarding my childhood has stirred this awakening. I’ve had a blocked sacral chakra (which has resulted in creativity blocks) for a long, long time. Note: Blocks related to childhood are usually held in the sacral chakra area.

Discovering this wonderful artist, Sleeping at Last has also, definitely helped. I was almost crying to his music last night…


This blog will continue to be an ongoing culmination of my joy, sorrow, insight, spirituality and everything that I love in life 🙂