A lot to Talk about.

I have a lot to talk about.
But right now, the words aren’t flowing through my fingertips, just in my head, in disjointed sentences, notions and desires.
Words coming soon, but for now here is a picture that is pretty.



Fools Like Me

So, I’ve been sitting here for 1-2 days – the days bleed together when you are sad and just sleep. Now I’m trying to move but my limbs will barely move. I do always find it harder when the air is cold.

I’m going to go to the op-shop and buy $4 shirts and $5 shoes. I hope to find an ornament of a unicorn, or a fairy, as they tend to show up at the op-shops and these magical things always make me feel better.

Did you know that there are unicorns in other dimensions? Anything you believe or believed in, whole-heartedly, exists.
I know.

unicorn galaxy



I think I’m slowly getting better.
“The fever breaks when it’s too much take so you can put your weapons down.”

Flowers help.


colours flowers