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For All of This Energy

For all of this energy

There’s something swimming in the water
An unidentified beast below
Who we I have misjudged so eloquently
She swims by with her arms like swans
So beautifully

For all of this
I still do not know
How I am standing
How I am floating

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne


Easy Baby Maybe I’m a Liar

I wrecked myself again
Shipped to the shore

I see violet, blue and coral
I see shallows from time I borrowed
I see words sewn into me
Those that I held onto
Well they left me

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne
See the flames inside my eyes
It burns so bright I wanna feel your love
Easy baby maybe I’m you’re a liar
But for tonight I wanna’ fall in love
Put your faith in my stomach

And for how long, I love, my lover
For how long I love my lover
And now, now, for how long, long I love my lover
Now, now, for how long, long I love my lover

– I’m A Mess by Ed Sheeran

sunflower image


i’m gonna shine back at you

what you fail to see through

black jackets, armoured coats

silent songs and secret notes

i will show it all

i wear my heart on my sleeve

and i do not have a map

i have watched them leave

and failed to get them back

but i’m gonna shine

with what is still mine

and i will break through

so you see too

i can’t help it

i think i was made to love

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

Twin Forks – Back to You

everything you ever wanted fear

What I Can’t Say

Here I stand
Braver than I ever can
Stand to be
There’s no way we

But embers are burning deep
Tracing the heart that I can’t reach
And I feel like running away
All of the time
But part of me will stay
At the chance of –
What I can’t say

I’ve said I’ve fought flames before
But none have burned like this
I simply can’t afford
To put my armour down
Yet I am more
Of –
What I can’t say

3 days and nights afraid of the dark
But still running from the spark
How will I possibly get through this
When I can’t afford to miss
What I can’t say?

dark waves

Arrows in the Water

Alone in the water
We’ll drown tonight
Sorted with arrows
Pierced alive

I’ve walked over glass for the sound of someone else
The soft cracks trace along the bottom of my feet
Just for you to feel better than me

Walked through the ocean, scared of the rain
Yelling at nothing at all

Like yellow and sunset, orange gold amber
We walk through the dark, illuminated danger
Let us become okay with breathing in the carbon dioxide
And let us not expel that which divides

You’re torn in two
Ripped through
Walls are shattered in not much time at all
Cascading pieces of yourself left behind
Time is a fragile piece of missing life
Let us remember the first turn of the knife
The darkest night
For the darkest lives
Awake but not tortured
But we’re written in stone
Hopeful to expel that which
We do not wish to own
But chains are rigid, locked in the wrists
Weighing us to the bottom of the ocean tides

History’s page is turning the knife
Carving out all of your time

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

art painting girl

Violet Light

“All we are is skin and bone, trained to get along…forever going with the flow, but you’re friction.” – TS

If I could quiet the busyness that walks these streets
I would take the jump, the heart’s final leap
And away
I would stay

Wished for far too long
When will the lights from the city nights come?
Drenched in rain, the light starts to separate
Maybe it’s not too late

Shadows are just marks left on walls
By the light’s touch
So let the barriers I have built fall

Risk of pain, risk of divide
Risk of the heart’s final suicide
But I say that every time
And I guess I end up fine

But the echoes are marks on my skin
And there’s marching against these walls
But I won’t let them in
I won’t face them

I tried to kill the love in me
But all I end up with is that same violet light

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

hosseini quote

Bad Medicine

Headache knocking at the door
I don’t have time for this
I’m still here on the floor
Heavy since
the last kiss

You’re like the weakest medicine
And you burn horribly
But I’m addicted to the times when
The placebo kicks in
It always wins

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

I feel like I will never be loved for all of me. I’ve been loved for some of me, but never all of me. The flaws shine, the shadow shows, the light is not enough and people leave. People leave me. And it just keeps happening. There are people who stay because they think they have to, but ultimately, I am alone. I will quit. I WILL quit. I will quit.

Yesterday, today and probably tomorrow, I wish I could change who I am.

coffee shirt girl

Silent Kiss

My heart is starting to try to
Interpret what yours tries to hide
Reading thoughts aloud
Streaming from your mind
– I wish.
It’s just silence.

But over here it’s loud and clear
I’m ready to drown but covered in fear
There’s probably a way to wash this clean
I guess we’ll find out eventually
But not today

Your kisses say a thousand things
Nothing at all

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

girl stars art photo

Undercover (Dawn)

It is difficult to be the one who always holds faith, who believes that people are innately good and are more than what they show on the surface. It is difficult to be the one who is willing to be vulnerable to help others understand, only to have them not always do the same.

It’s kind of cold underneath the surface
But we get there in the end
We get there in the end

Undercover your skin feels soft
Out of the sun, in the dark, it’s what we’ve got
It’s a tired time, it’s a time to mellow
But the dawn reignites your fear

The sun’s coming up
Bruises startin’ to show
In the yawn of the sun and the light of yellow
Armour starts to regrow

You’re just straining for something new to be born
And you know it can’t wait

But the days are too long, and you’re tired, and you’re back in bed
Before the questions can start to sing the answers in your head
So I’m singing you to sleep silently
Awake in your dark, quietly

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne