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The Psychic Girl: On Not Belonging

I realised I have been slightly avoiding my journey… or rather, it’s destination.

Last night I went to a party and I had been talking with some people there about what I do as a spiritual intuitive. The word ‘psychic’ was thrown in there. Another girl who was not quite part of the conversation overheard and said, “Wait, you’re a psychic?!” I said, “Basically” she responded, “Oh! Does that mean you know everything about me?!!?!” I said, “yesss totallyyy… haha no, not at all.”

Last night I went to a party and I felt like I did not belong and then I realised that I do.
Today I went to lunch with my family and I felt like I did not belong and then I realised that I do.

If I had not been born into the family I was born into and received the negative imprint of ‘not belonging’ I would not have become who I am today and especially not who I am in this moment.

Last night and today I had a sudden surrender to the part of me that feels like I do not belong. Surrender as in, I allowed myself to feel not belonging. I stopped wanting to change it.

There is this idea that we MUST belong and if we do not belong then we are something bad or something negative and THAT is the pain of not belonging, not the not belonging itself.
I have found today that one can be perfectly peaceful in not belonging. I do not belong. Once I said those words to myself, I sighed and said it again, I do not belong. And then, THEN all these realisations came to me. I settled into not belonging and just as I did that I realised that me feeling that I do not belong is just another part of the reason that I DO belong.

I started to see myself as an essential piece of the puzzle that is my family.
I started to see myself as a beneficial contribution to the group of people that surrounded me at that party (this scenario – me in a group of people – is the perfect metaphor for my whole general feeling of not belonging, it is not an attribution to those people personally).

Because I am so sensitive and empathic I have been able to experience the majority of emotions that are on the human emotional spectrum. This makes me an excellent supporter for others in all areas of love (Note: I meant to only write ‘in all areas of life’ but when I went to write ‘life’ I ‘accidentally’, automatically typed ‘love’ instead. Oh, what a truth it is).
I am a unique person in most areas of society. I am a conscious creator. I am a helper and I help others to awaken, to become conscious of their own creativity.

If I felt that I did belong I would not have settled so deeply inside myself thereby discovering who I truly am quite quickly.
If I felt that I did belong I would not have fallen into depression/bipolar aka my ‘awakening’.
If I felt that I did belong I would not be able to completely empathise with others who feel that they do not belong.
If I felt that I did belong I would probably not be as connected to animals as I am.

Part of the problem has been that I have actually not been embracing this aspect of me, this aspect that I have deemed as not belonging and therefore wrong, an error, a mistake when really all of that wording and that wrongness can be replaced with unique.

When that girl said, ‘what WHO’S the PSYCHIC?!!’ and everyone looked at me and her reaction of, ‘oh no! you can know anything about me?!’ I felt a very intense wave of I-do-not-belong. I felt that I DEFINITELY DO NOT BELONG. I had already been feeling this way, as I do in general as I said but also as I do when it comes to large social gatherings, but in that moment I felt like I had just seen the evidence of this truth that I do not belong.
A truth that I had declared as truth in my mind a long time ago.
Later on I still felt not belonging, I felt I wanted to go home. But I stayed. I said to myself, “Maybe I can do this, maybe I will be alright.” And I stayed and I found that I looked around the room and people were laughing with me and talking to me of their own volition and it completely changed my view.

Nothing is ever definitively true except in your mind and your mind is malleable.

Today at family lunch I looked at my brother and his wife, my sister and her husband and my mum and dad and I considered each of them in my mind individually. As I glanced I started seeing or hearing or sensing or just knowing the ways in which I have helped them or could help them in their lives just by me being a part of this family.

My mum needs me to be someone who understands her and her emotional sensitivity.
My dad needs me to hold space for him as he unknowingly grieves and fears on the inside.
My brother needs me to teach him how to be unique in the world and have it be okay.
My sister needs me to be an emotional bridge for her when she falls.
My sister in law needs me to increase her trust in her ability to love unconditionally.
My brother in law needs me to show him that kindness is out there and that self love is of value.
I need each of them to be inspired to learn how to love myself unconditionally and how to find a home and make sense of a world that does not always make sense to me and that I do not always make sense to.

The problem has been that I have deemed all of my issues as wrong. AS issues. I have deemed all of the situations, circumstances or experiences in my life that cause me pain as WRONG and so I have suffered tremendously.

It is okay that I do not belong. It is okay that I feel that I do not belong.
It is okay that I feel I was born in the ‘wrong’ family.
It is okay that I feel others think I am ‘just wrong’.
(For both of the above: ‘wrong’ = mistake. I feel I am a mistake in these situations. I feel I am not as good as them. I feel there was some error in my creation and placement within this creation).

However. It is not possible for me to not belong because I am here. I belong in not belonging. It is my lesson. My home. My precious journey.

You belong everywhere. You belong in every moment that passes you by.

you are a child of the universe


VIDEO: Q&A/Meditation/Hangout is HERE

Hi Everyone,

The live Q&A/Meditation/Hangout that took place 9pm 13th February UTC is now available to watch.
Yona Curtis (Spiritual life coach, Shaman, Seer and more) and I (Rebecca Elizabeth Anne – Spiritual Intuitive, Animal Communicator and more) took questions from the audience on various topics relating to spirituality and the energetic universe. The video starts with a brief meditation that clears your energetic field and connects you to both the Earth and universal energy.


VIDEO: Q&A/Meditation/Hangout with Rebecca Elizabeth Anne and Yona Curtis

Topics covered:

Cymatics  (relationship between music and the water in our bodies)
Souls (what happens when we die, walk ins, soul forks)
Chakra blockage (and communication)
Relationship problems
Emotion/grief expression
Vegan pets
Animal communication (how does talking to animals work?)
Shamanism (Yona on being a ‘modern shaman’)
Spirit guide interactions
Intuitive readings
Spiritual life coaching
Spiritual awakenings
Psychic ability development
Astral projection/out of body experiences
And more…

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Intense Spiritual and Psychic Development

Hey everyone,

I know I said that I would write more as I had information pouring out my ears…but lately something else has been happening… I have been going through some kind of ‘awakening’. I have a half written article about it coming. The gist of it is that I have discovered, then had it confirmed by another intuitive, that my awareness of the non-physical realms is increasing, particularly relative to clairvoyance. My third eye is very much in a stage of truly opening. It is already open with my inner sight, but my ‘outer’ sight (where you see non-physical things with your actual eyes instead of as images in the mind) is dramatically increasing:

I am starting to truly see thought forms (ghosts), my principle spirit guide, auras (unprompted, without effort) etc. It’s cool and crazy and as I said, I’m writing an article about it at present.

Additionally, my awareness and connection with my principle spirit guide is growing much stronger. I can hear her and see her ‘more’ in my mind with my inner clairaudience and inner clairvoyance… It is like I can *almost* hear her tone of voice (instead of it sounding like my own inner mind voice) and I can see much more detail, she almost looks very physical. It’s weird. It’s like the projected image is being seen somewhere in the middle, between external and internal vision.  It reminds me of the time when I had what I named a ‘Split Consciousness Out of Body Experience (which I wrote about in this blog post). I have also seen her as a small blinking/glowing light in my mind’s eye (yet, again, it was almost physical – so bright I felt like I had to ‘blink’ within my mind’s eye) and with my physical eyes in that same form aaand last night she appeared to me as a quick flash of a glow/light.

Also, I had a ‘dream’ where I woke up in the dream (so kind of a lucid dream I guess) where I was going out of body… I could physically feel all of the vibrations, the falling sensations, the ringing in the ears both in this ‘dream’ and as I started to actually wake up. It was really intense and crazy. This has never happened before. I once felt the falling sensation when I was meditating and I know that was me almost going out body, but it startled me so I wasn’t able to actually get out (because you need complete mental and physical relaxation to project). I have also felt the light numbing and then tingling vibrations that come with deep meditation and the beginnings of the energy body preparing to go out of body. But never anything full on like this experience. Anyway, as I was saying, I always thought it would be just a more intense tingling with the falling sensation…but no, it was this almost scary THUNDERING and LOUD experience, like an internal EARTHQUAKE. I liken it to the metaphor of me as an aeroplane landing and also trying to take off (in the dream part I was *trying and failing* to get out body whereas when I woke up, I was ‘landing’).

It’s crazy/cool.

I have also felt myself randomly going into channelling mode. I haven’t let that go to full fruition because it is weird for it to happen all of a sudden. It kind of freaks me out/I’m like, “but I don’t feeeel like it”. Which is weird and not so mature but yea, it just all so new and weird. But at the same time I am SO HAPPY that this is happening. I like feeling a stronger connection to my spirit guide particularly as I struggle with loneliness in my life these days…

Anyway, this article about this as I mentioned earlier is coming soon. It is also about how I recently learnt that I have a crystal aura. The meaning of this is huge. The reason that I was struggling to figure out my own aura colour (when I can easily do so for others) is because I was picking up others’ aura colours/energy in my own field – I kept thinking, “Okay, I’m definitely blue. Wait, no I must be a violet. Definitely a violet.” but then I would feel doubt and have a lingering sense of confusion…

A crystal aura is clear and just light. Just like pure white light, it holds every colour on the spectrum. This clearness and purity means that I very very easily pick up others’ aura colour/energy and reflect it in my own/back to them (and to myself when I’m trying to have a look at my own aura).
It also explains why I am so damn sensitive – emotionally, physically, everything I.e. energetically.

Anyway, that’s what’s up right now in my spiritual life.

In my emotional life I am currently having difficulties with family and friends, that’s pretty lame and hard. I will probably write about that in the near future.

For now, know that I love you and I thank you for reading.

– Becc (Rebecca Elizabeth Anne) xoxo

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LIVE, FREE EVENT: Q & A/Meditation/Hangout with Rebecca Elizabeth Anne and Yona Curtis.

Hey everyone,

I have an announcement!

My wonderful and wise friend Yona Curtis (Shaman, Toroidal Energy Healer, Higher Communicator and more) and I have created an Online Q and A/Meditation/Hangout Event (Via YouTube/Google+ Hangouts).

This free event is open to all and has been created to provide a platform where you can ask us your questions about pretty much anything related to spirituality and the energetic universe.

Click here or on the image below to check out the Facebook event page. More details coming soon.
(Link to convert time zone:

q and a psychic image

P.S. Cats (x3) may be present on my end of things. This event is cat approved.

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Intuitive Readings

Just a note to say that I am now offering Intuitive Readings.
As a spiritual intuitive, one of my skills involves being able to ‘read’ a person’s energy and provide them with answers, guidance and information regarding their life and personal growth. I am now utilising that skill to help others. I’m excited about it.

Intuitive Readings by Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

Intuitive readings are provided as an opportunity for you to understand yourself, your life and events or situations you experience, from a higher perspective.

Intuitive reading is the art of acquiring information through extra sensory means. This information is that which is not immediately obvious from one’s physical perspective. It is not only the acquiring of information and illumination, but also the acquiring of guidance that can lead to improvement in one’s life on many levels… (Click to continue reading)

energy hand palm

You can order a ‘standard’ or a ‘mini’ intuitive reading. Because intuitive reading is energy based, you may order one no matter where you are.

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Cymbalta (SNRI Medication) Tapering Off/Withdrawal

I think it’s been almost a week since I took my last (30mg) Cymbalta (Duloxetine HCI) tablet.
The following is what I have been experiencing as result:

  • Chills/hot flushes – sometimes in separate areas on my body e.g. legs are cold but head and arms are on fire.
  • Nausea. A lot of nausea.
  • First couple of days – really tired.
  • Irritability. That was something I struggled with a lot before going on any medication. Apparently it goes under the heading of ‘hypomanic symptoms’. But now that I am more self aware I am really going to try and get to the bottom of such responses instead of just being like, ‘oh well, stupid bipolar. can’t do anything about those.’
  • Very slightly blurred vision – really hoping that one will go away soon. Super annoying.
  • Few days after the initial few feelingreallytired days I actually had increased energy levels. I even had the urge to ‘get busy’ which is why I created that HOLIDAYS special going on at my site (for my animal communication and psychic channelling services) – want more customers to have more to do!
  • Enhanced emotional response to sad or touching scenes in tv shows/stuff on the news/beautiful music – like literally, tears welling up about 1 second into the family hug on ‘Modern Family’, I’m like, ‘IT’S JUST SO WONDERFUL FOR THEM’. Then when it’s gone a second later, ‘whattt the heck was that about me’.
  • Off and on I have felt like there was ‘all this energy coming at me’ like pin pricks from all directions. It’s been a thing of mine where I see/read/feel non physical energy, sometimes, in the form of TEXTURES. And it’s not like I feel it as a physical sensation but it’s like…those are the best describing words…and yea I just felt all the energy poking me and shooting at me. It was okay but once or twice it seemed to be ‘coming from’ the TV and I was like ‘aaahh!’ and had to move away from it. I can’t remember what I was looking at but I remember wondering why I would be feeling that because it wasn’t anything that had a particular emotional charge or feel behind it. I think I was just scrolling through Reddit or something absent mindedly…
  • Cold/flu like symptoms in the way of sniffing and (very slight) sore throat. Granted, I may actually just have a cold coming on but I also think I read somewhere it can be a side effect of discontinuing Cymbalta so it’s going on the list anyways…
  • At night when I go to bed, I am trying to ‘feel my feelings’ instead of blocking them out by scrolling through facebook on my phone until I fall asleep. My phone has actually broken at the moment and I’m using a crappy not-a-smart-phone one where I can’t use the internet on it…perhaps this is the greater reason why that occurred…so I would be forced to feel my feelings at night that I usually try to avoid. I am pretty good at allowing myself to feel it all during the day but I have always been really thingy about it at night time… It is odd that in this time of emotional sensitivity I have come to a place of consciously ‘facing my feelings’ at night… Speaking of which, I had a dream about it all where I got some answers relative to some particular emotional issues I have been thinking about. Perhaps that was a by product of me choosing to face it all just before I went to sleep…so yay! This has gone on this list because I wonder if a) the emotional sensitivity I feel is somehow inspiring me to consciously be in a space of consciously feeling more and/or b) the medication was part of what was blocking me from all of that^.

And well, that seems to be all so far. The hot flushes/cold chills and the nausea is what is bothering me the most. Combining that with the waves of extra energy is simply annoying…cause I wanna go do stuff cause I’m energetic yet I can’t because I feel sick. Erggh.


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Just a note to say:

There is a HOLIDAYSPECIAL on at the main site for my ANIMAL COMMUNICATION AND PSYCHIC CHANNELLING services at the moment.

cat interview christmas
Please go to the ‘pay for services’ page over at my main site, for more information.

“It is my greatest intention to teach, learn, commune and heal.”

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Things I think People think about Me

I find this really emotionally soothing for some reason.
I realise some may be wrong, and some are right.
Maybe it’s because I have the inner conflict I think a lot of us do, “I don’t give a fuck what others think! I am confident, I believe in myself.” but also, “I do care”. I think I hold resistance to the idea of caring, and say to myself it’s not okay. But I am learning more and more that we are a sea of contradictions, it is part of what makes us these conscious complicated beings. How could we be any other way? We are all these messy balls of thoughts and feelings that interact with one another, entwining ourselves more and more. You can fight the knots or realise that you can’t stop them, you just need to try to accept them, together. And even if you never do, accept that too.

Although this may appear as a negative thing for me to do, I am telling you this feels cathartic…resistance release, I think. And it’s all kind of funny, so here we go:

The things I think people think about me:

whoa she talks to animals she is insane, you can’t talk to fucking insects SCIENCEBIATCH
rose tinted glasses are her middle name
way too honest TMI
how can she just confess her weirdness to everyone so easily
okay this girl is insane
I don’t get this girl at all
pretty cool hair man
sweet tattoo man
oh it’s a bit crooked man
(apparently one time someone said I was) kickass for not giving a fuck (about what others think relative to my spiritual self, truths, abilities, beliefs etc) (YES!)
omg vegan sheisjudgingmesheisjudgingmeiheartmymeatdon’ttakeitawayyy
way too obsessed with taylor swift
animals are not THAT great
internet addict
well I started talking to her because I think she’s hot but now I’ve realised she’s a new age hippy I feel the urge to run and warn others, and also check out her blog to see if she’s written about me (because I’m sure she was analysing me psychically the whole time we were interacting)

ursula disney gif

How people see you once you tell them you’re psychic

brave/crazy for being friends with her exes
no friends nelly
crazy cat lady
financial disaster
get a real job already hobo
doctor who is not THAT great
doctor who addict (in a ‘that is not cool/weird’ kind of way)
pretty cool that she reads comics
pretty cool that she digs reddit and gets internet memes
pretty cool that she likes x-men and other marvel stuff
Note: ^ seems to be mostly guys’ reactions
such a contrasted person
/reads blog/site – oh she seems to think she knows everything
omg starseeds? aliens? being spiritual is one thing, this is just ridiculous shit, wut
getting pretty sick of her repeating ‘you should only do that which brings you joy’ or ‘only do what feels good’ or saying ‘i didn’t do it because I intuited it would not bring me joy’ (I heart my life quotes anyways you guys, you’ll benefit from it in the end 🙂
she really needs to ‘do’ more (these people don’t know of my inner power, knowledge and ambitions – I’m changing the world via example, I’m even changing you [or rather inspiring you to change you, to feel joy] and I’m not afraid to believe it, most days anyway)
she makes me feel like I’m not crazy, that thing that happened was more than coincidence/I do have abilities/I doubt myself less
if she can get over bipolar disorder, I can survive insertsituationhere
since she had bipolar disorder, she will understand, I feel like I can tell her things
oh god she has bipolar she is insane and is going to have a breakdown on me
dear god I hope this bipolar person has taken her meds she will surely burn my house down otherwise
this is a really understanding and non-judgemental person
this is a really open and curious person, an attractive mystery
I’m so glad she just told me all this stuff about her, now I feel better about me and my shit
funny in an ‘off’, random and intensely sarcastic kind of way
(I think sometimes maybe people think) she has her shit together (I don’t)
why does she live in her pyjamas doesn’t she feel weird that’s kind of weird
who owns eight doctor who shirts yo who does that man
pls stop talking about your cats
pls don’t make me look at more photos of your cats
why does she use two c’s in ‘Becc’ (I don’t even know how it started, it just did, sometime in kindergarten)
i think she’s a witch pls don’t turn me into a toad

I thought of a thing to summarise:

I don’t need applause approval.

artifical flowers

On Consciousness: Talking to/Reading Inanimate Objects

As stated in the previous article on consciousness, one can ‘read’ inanimate objects’ energy (Note: when I say inanimate objects crystals, rocks, trees, stones – anything that is still in it’s original Earth form, even if considered still and inanimate, is excluded. Explanations as to why are discussed in the previous article on consciousness and communication) and ‘sort-of’ communicate with them in the same way as communicating with other species, but the ‘interaction’ will be different.

I have only had experiences relative to reading the energy of inanimate objects. Today I attempted to ‘communicate with’ or ‘speak’ to an inanimate object – some fake flowers I bought from the op shop the other day.

The interaction was as follows:

The Flowers: “I am happy to be here. I am glad to be of service in this way (because it brings me happiness to look at it, cause they’re pretty). It is good.”

It was as I expected very simple and highly uh…I dunno, a different feeling? Oh, here it is – more like a lack of feeling. There was a lack of connection as we humans feel it. It was more like I was reading a message stemming from the plant as an object, not as a speaking being. It’s hard to explain…

I highly recommend you try it for interest’s sake. It is a very curious feeling. The ways in which this can be done are discussed a little bit in the previously mentioned article. I might write a more in depth one regarding inanimate object reading/communication in the future. If I do, I’ll edit this entry and link it here…