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A Solstice of Self

Today I experience a second rebirth. A rebirth of the alignment between me and my higher self and my origin self.

I see the old parts of me wash away as though they are an ancient civilisation. That is what they have been likened to. I keep waking up with and just generally feeling energy running through my palms. I am realigning.

The part of me that did not know who she was, who lived in fear of her own self and emotion… she has been laid to rest. The tethers that bind are no more. This I know, today.

This process of realignment with the higher consciousness is one of such intangibility and of an undefinable nature. I want to write about it yet when I go to find the words it is as though they are wisps of air… no words for no definitions do fit this.

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I am so much more me today than I ever have been before. It is as if I am more whole. My words have a congruency to them they did not before. My soul, my air, my breath has a wholeness, a depth to it that I did not have before. And as stated, I do see this image in my mind once again… of the being that is or was me…now an ancient site of ruins, it can be learned from but not lived in.

I do not think it coincidence that this occurs on the Winter solstice. The day where the sun sleeps her longest night only to renew herself for the foreseeable future. She, like me, is transforming into a new self, her whole self… she is realigning and returning to the days spent as MORE herself. MORE Sun. I am grateful for her arms of light that I saw today. It has been a dreary week. But as I have felt myself take new breaths today, so has she, it seems. I do not think this alignment coincidence. We, the beings upon the Earth, We the beings within this Galaxy, We share the same cycle. We are cyclic in our states of renewal, rebirth, home and travel.

Today I decided to sit outside in the flickering rays of sunlight and channel something from Asteria (my higher self/Pleiadian self) to do with the Winter Solstice:

“It is of no coincidence that I am reborn again today. Many times I had rebirth. Many times I have shed.

Today is a day for the sun to shine as she does, if only for a short while.
When she rests she will wake renewed and replenished tomorrow, as do you.
She will be ready to start anew, as will you, and so you shall. It is not long for the Winter to pass new, not long at all.
As you go about your day and return to the bounty that Winter’s harvest has brought you, be reminded of all that you have and give thanks. It has been in chaos that we have found stillness and still the sun shines to you, just for you.
The Earth requests nothing but your respect for her bounty and your harvests this Winter. They are hers to share and yours to keep. Cherish them.
Become One (with her, the Earth, and also yourself) and you will always be full.”

– Asteria


An Unedited Train of Thought

Today I am driving down to my parent’s house to see my sister and her boyfriend who have just returned from a trip to Bali. I am driving down in the coming moments because of a feeling of guilt and pressure… I want to see them but I don’t want to go travelling right now in this moments and quite probably not in the next few moments either (though all moments change within the previous (if we pretend the new moments exist in the previous moment, as we often do) and themselves…how lovely).
I also have to go to the pet shop to pick up a new collar for my friend’s cat who has lost her old one…he is away in Sydney and I said I’d look after her.

So, y’know, these things…I wish to do them, I do! But why am I halted? Why am I typing right now instead of moving? The answers elude me at this time. It would take some thinking. And I ‘don’t have the time’ to do so in this and the upcoming moments…
But time is an illusion and space is a dream we pretend is real… How lovely it would be to see things as they truly are, at all times. But then, we would not be here, we would not exist…because we would know everything. And where is the fun in that?

I often forget that this life is full of beauty and empowering moments. I too often yearn for the non-physical to become more of my reality than the physical, the one that I am here to live through and experience.

I then feel guilt that I do not remember the beauty and magnificence that this world holds. But it is relieved by knowing I am in the ‘prison planet’ where the strongest vibration emanating from the human collective consciousness is that of powerlessness…which means that the largest asking that emanates from humanity is the opposite – freedom.

I am walking towards freedom and I couldn’t know freedom without knowing the powerlessness. So I shall try to appreciate the feeling of powerlessness too, for the desire and knowing it has brought forth, the knowing of what freedom is.

Where else in the universe could one learn the bliss of freedom but in the place of powerlessness…? I suppose this world is beautiful after all.