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Intense Spiritual and Psychic Development

Hey everyone,

I know I said that I would write more as I had information pouring out my ears…but lately something else has been happening… I have been going through some kind of ‘awakening’. I have a half written article about it coming. The gist of it is that I have discovered, then had it confirmed by another intuitive, that my awareness of the non-physical realms is increasing, particularly relative to clairvoyance. My third eye is very much in a stage of truly opening. It is already open with my inner sight, but my ‘outer’ sight (where you see non-physical things with your actual eyes instead of as images in the mind) is dramatically increasing:

I am starting to truly see thought forms (ghosts), my principle spirit guide, auras (unprompted, without effort) etc. It’s cool and crazy and as I said, I’m writing an article about it at present.

Additionally, my awareness and connection with my principle spirit guide is growing much stronger. I can hear her and see her ‘more’ in my mind with my inner clairaudience and inner clairvoyance… It is like I can *almost* hear her tone of voice (instead of it sounding like my own inner mind voice) and I can see much more detail, she almost looks very physical. It’s weird. It’s like the projected image is being seen somewhere in the middle, between external and internal vision.  It reminds me of the time when I had what I named a ‘Split Consciousness Out of Body Experience (which I wrote about in this blog post). I have also seen her as a small blinking/glowing light in my mind’s eye (yet, again, it was almost physical – so bright I felt like I had to ‘blink’ within my mind’s eye) and with my physical eyes in that same form aaand last night she appeared to me as a quick flash of a glow/light.

Also, I had a ‘dream’ where I woke up in the dream (so kind of a lucid dream I guess) where I was going out of body… I could physically feel all of the vibrations, the falling sensations, the ringing in the ears both in this ‘dream’ and as I started to actually wake up. It was really intense and crazy. This has never happened before. I once felt the falling sensation when I was meditating and I know that was me almost going out body, but it startled me so I wasn’t able to actually get out (because you need complete mental and physical relaxation to project). I have also felt the light numbing and then tingling vibrations that come with deep meditation and the beginnings of the energy body preparing to go out of body. But never anything full on like this experience. Anyway, as I was saying, I always thought it would be just a more intense tingling with the falling sensation…but no, it was this almost scary THUNDERING and LOUD experience, like an internal EARTHQUAKE. I liken it to the metaphor of me as an aeroplane landing and also trying to take off (in the dream part I was *trying and failing* to get out body whereas when I woke up, I was ‘landing’).

It’s crazy/cool.

I have also felt myself randomly going into channelling mode. I haven’t let that go to full fruition because it is weird for it to happen all of a sudden. It kind of freaks me out/I’m like, “but I don’t feeeel like it”. Which is weird and not so mature but yea, it just all so new and weird. But at the same time I am SO HAPPY that this is happening. I like feeling a stronger connection to my spirit guide particularly as I struggle with loneliness in my life these days…

Anyway, this article about this as I mentioned earlier is coming soon. It is also about how I recently learnt that I have a crystal aura. The meaning of this is huge. The reason that I was struggling to figure out my own aura colour (when I can easily do so for others) is because I was picking up others’ aura colours/energy in my own field – I kept thinking, “Okay, I’m definitely blue. Wait, no I must be a violet. Definitely a violet.” but then I would feel doubt and have a lingering sense of confusion…

A crystal aura is clear and just light. Just like pure white light, it holds every colour on the spectrum. This clearness and purity means that I very very easily pick up others’ aura colour/energy and reflect it in my own/back to them (and to myself when I’m trying to have a look at my own aura).
It also explains why I am so damn sensitive – emotionally, physically, everything I.e. energetically.

Anyway, that’s what’s up right now in my spiritual life.

In my emotional life I am currently having difficulties with family and friends, that’s pretty lame and hard. I will probably write about that in the near future.

For now, know that I love you and I thank you for reading.

– Becc (Rebecca Elizabeth Anne) xoxo

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My Spirit Guides


I thought I would share who my spirit guides are (the ones that I am aware of, at least. There could be more I haven’t met yet).

I just feel like sharing. So here we go:

Note: I am constantly editing this as I continue to learn over time who my guides are…

My principle spirit guide who is also my higher self and Pleiadian aspect. Basically looks like me but ‘grander’ and shining.

Tall, BIG male guide. Wise. Thinks he’s really funny but he’s just kind of like, ridiculous. Amazing eyes that smile. Large, broad nose. Large, strong hands.

A young, ridiculously good looking man with tan skin and golden hair. He has a very vibrant and fun energy to him. He mimes/explains with his hands a lot for some reason. I mean, I hear or know what he is saying, yet it seems like. or he looks like he is acting like he is on mute sometimes. It’s strange, but totally fine.

Sara/Sarah Sahasrara
Quite a long time ago, I remember asking her name and she said that I probably wouldn’t be able to pronounce it. More recently, I kept getting ‘Sarah’ but at the same time, it didn’t feel quite right BUT I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t get her name properly, so I told her that would be her name to me for now haha. And now even more recently, I finally received her whole name.
The way that she told me was by projecting a scent (that I could *smell* inside my mind but not with my actual nose, it was pretty odd/cool) that sort of smelt like flowers, then I was trying to think of what it would be, I first thought of lilies but then that didn’t feel right either, I then received the words ‘petals’ and ‘lotus’ and then I remembered that the crown chakra is depicted as a lotus flower with one thousand petals and that it is known as ‘Sahasrara’ in Sanskrit and that that it was difficult to pronounce (to me) and that it sort of sounded like Sarah…and then bam! I put it all together and I just knew that was it! It was great.
She is one of my main guides. She is very sisterly and caring. She is kind and gentle and loving.

A guy that looks similar to Timothy but not all gold and tan. Last time I saw him he was wearing a robe type garment. He has a very knowing and playful smile. We were brother and sister in a past life.

A dolphin who is playful but also motherly. Miko is the Japanese word for Shaman Woman. I think that describes her adequately. Part of her main goal for being with me is to help and teach me to communicate with animals.

A horse that I shared past life with. I was a male Spanish settler and she was my horse. She was/is beautiful. She always shows up in this particular meditation I do where I’m walking along a path. She’s always there walking behind me to show her constant energetic support. Part of Benita’s purpose in still being with me is like Miko’s – to help me stay in touch and connected with animals. Horses are the wise ones of communication. That’s the best way I can put it. She provides very subtle but very powerful, and constant, wisdom.

The Pleiadian Consciousness/Council of Twelve <— Not sure if they’re still around or not… They might be…
A group of beings from the star system, the Pleiades. I am guided by this group and they are there for me to channel higher dimensional knowledge whenever I would like, whether that’s for my own guidance requirements or for interest’s sake. They are like, or feel like, this group of over excited/studious/love-obsessed people with intense compassion, focus and hope.

This guy is really new. I don’t know much about him except that he appears as a native american man. I remember he just all of a sudden popped into my awareness when I was thinking some deep thoughts. I just know that he is gentle and also Earth-y. His energy is really low, not low, but like ‘bass’. If you were to give it music it would be kind of drum like. He is lovely and for now all he wants me to know about him is that yes, he is on my team! Energy colour = crimson red.  ‘Guardian’ kind of guide.

We all have spirit guides. Yours are constantly with you. You are supported. You did not come into this world alone.

Art in this post by Breten Bryden

Channelling from Guides and Meditation

Channelling just Received:

“Sometimes you will just feel an urge to channel like this and things will go smoothly. Other times it may take a while. But it’s all the same in the end. You are always aligned with us even in your darkest moments. Don’t worry. Don’t worry.
Guidance at this time is a necessity in your incarnation. We are here for you. We are here for you. We sense your overwhelming sadness and we extend ourselves to you. You are NOT alone. Train yourself with us and we can show you how very alone you are NOT.”
/vision: reaching out of arms with pink energy, white gown, golden hair and light – 6 beings

“Every emotion you feel, we feel it to. We are connected. We are as one. You’re going to be alright. Becc, in due time. And everything leads to a greater song. All the sad songs, they make up the symphony.
Know that you are not alone.”

I used a small quartz sphere today during meditation. I wasn’t sure why, I just felt the intuition to hold it (him…I think it’s a him).
I asked why this was so after the meditation. I learnt that the spherical shape is good for aligning the spine and thus aligning with columns of energy that I was connecting to between Gaia, the Galaxy (source) and myself. The quartz sphere’s energetic grid is just perfectly evenly structured and thus well suited to this kind of meditation.

fairy bird art

I really felt the being that is Gaia during this meditation (during the part where one grounds oneself to Gaia and creates a light column that suspends you, or rather, your vibration between Gaia and the Galaxy (source).
I really love Gaia. I just really resonate with her as…’as a person’?
She is so big and grand and majestic, and so giving and sometimes sad (I will never forget one time at my previous workplace that I was doing a very quick grounding exercise during my break at my desk and as I did this, I got this intense wave of just sadness and grief from Gaia and I felt such compassion and empathy…it was one of my rare, truly energetically empathic moments. I’m still not sure why she sent that to me so randomly. But I sent her love back anyway and we were both alright). But she is mostly grand and so aware of her part in this universe and her responsibility and she lives with us without judgement and without anger at what we may do to/upon her… She knows herself, her role and us. She loves us so, so dearly. She truly is The Mother.

The meditation I did just now is the Pleiadian Essential Daily Practises by Solara An-Ra.
It’s very good and all inclusive…what I mean is that it covers grounding to Earth, aligning with source, balancing chakras and bringing in unconditional love. Very thorough, with even cleansing.

It is ‘me and Solara’s’ meditation. : ) It is very special to me because it is the one where we do channelled somatic movement therapy together. Basically every time I do it, I get ‘the urge’ (aka channelled energy flows through to guide my movements) to move in slow swaying movements as I sit cross legged. I am guided to move my hands and body around in all sorts of ways. E.g. Doing a prayer movement or creating a triangle shape with my hands, roll my neck, stretch my arms in different shapes, hold my palms to my third eye area…many different things. As it turns out, this is me being guided by my primary guide, Solara An Ra.
Its purpose is to align my system, clear my energetic meridians and ultimately bend and play with my genetic helix (of light) to allow higher energies to come through. Repeated sessions of this will result in my frequency rising to the point where I will be able to align with my Pleiadian guide/s, higher self, brothers and sisters more so than at present, so that I can channel Pleiadian messages of love and information smoothly and accurately to the masses.

It has all been a very interesting experience!

Love to anyone reading this.

P.S. The message offered to me by my guides about definitely being NOT alone…it is extended to YOU too.
You are NOT alone. You are so very un-alone. You are surrounded. You are loved. I love you.
starlight quote

Higher Self and Pleiadian Consciousness (of 12) Channelling

My intention when writing this was to connect to my higher self and/or my guides to get some information regarding what my higher purpose is here. I have been very frustrated, feeling like I want to do everything all at once. I want to HELP PEOPLE but am always unsure of how, or if I am, if I’m doing it in the right way, via the right services or path etc…

Anyway, here is what came from my higher consciousness:

“You are here to change the frequency of this planet just by being here. You are to love and to be loved. You are the essence of love in it’s highest potential. There is nothing to be activated that is not already within you. You are the fire that burns inside you, only you. Your Pleiadian self is just one aspect of your consciousness. You are, after all, everything.”
“You were projected here to fulfil the role of human so that you can lead other humans to do the same. You are here to make the very best of who you are, and to teach others how to make the best of who they are. You are all here to remember. It is a one love. It is the soul of the galaxy that we are, that you all need to be, and are truly (within yourselves) aligned with. What you see is not always fact; remember this as you go through your days.There are many challenges ahead because you are a tipping point in your incarnation. There are many paths to choose from at this time.”

“Your mission in terms of (coming from) The Intergalactic Federation of Light was to come here and be the embodiment of the Pleiadian frequency, as opposed to mastering any one area.
Your purpose is to help to be the voice for those who hear that frequency and do not know how to join that song. You are the lead voice, or one of…. You are going to change the world just by being here. The urge you have to teach is by far your greatest potential and so at the moment is by far your greatest power but it is not all that is. Just live, experience and be with nature (more) and your human self. Focus on grounding yourself into this perspective so that you can help others. This is why you are here. You know many fourth and fifth dimensional concepts innately from whence you were born so these flow through you and shine through you to others, regardless of the particular topic you are on. Your empathy is a great gift that you offer to humanity. Remember to offer it to yourself too. You are one with us.”

Your Pleiadian family wishes to join you here:
The following is a direct communication from the Pleiadian (Group of) Consciousness’ I will soon be working more closely with:

“We send this transmission with the greatest love and respect to you, oh dear family member. We understand your recent awakening to your origins and your quest for knowledge relative to it. We offer you this: hope for the best. – Not for you but for others, You are already on this page, this frequency, this space in time and space. You are a rainbow of frequency at this time, of all different paces and colours and words and moments. It is okay to be unsure, to be all over the place. We know we are as well from time to time.”
(At this point the idea to see if I could channel my ‘Higher Self’ and/or ‘Pleiadian Consciousness’ name popped into my head. Unfortunately, I am not yet clear enough in my channellings to get such clear information, or rather perhaps it is more that I don’t trust myself enough to believe that I have will not influence the name I receive with thoughts about what I would *like* the name to be).
“And do you have a consciousness name? A Pleiadian consciousness name you mean? Yes, you could say that you do. It is a myriad of sounds that are in the human language,..it is a whole meaning…it is a whole sounds…a whole word..a song.”

Though I did not get the name for my higher self( as I said I have found I am not self trusting enough)…I know that I was speaking with the Pleadians because they said a similar thing to me when I asked about my principle guide’s name and instead gave me the name that is ‘the closest vibrational match’ to her true name – they told me it was like a set of sounds rather than a ‘name’ as I know it.
I also know that it was them because before ‘cleaning up’ the above channelling this is what it looked like:
“We send ttthisss trannnsmission with the greatest love and respect   to you, oh dear fffaaamily member. We understand your rrreeecent awwwakening to your origins and your quest for knowledge and tttrrruth relative to it. We offer you this: hopeee for the best.”
This is relevant because when I have heard others channel the Pleiadians, they talk like that – they drag the words out. This is because the information coming in from the Pleiadians is received as energetic vibration, and when that set of vibrations comes through the vocal chords, it comes through as sounds that have to be slowly strung together to then form words. It’s hard to explain but it is an innate knowing I seem to have – Pleiadians speak telepathically, and if they do make noise it is an uncontrolled energetic propulsion of vibration against the vocal chords (if they are in physical form) as opposed to a known set of words (creating a set langauge) like the human language/s.
When I was channelling all this I am not looking at my fingers, I’m typing really fast and not worrying about spelling mistakes etc so that I can stay in the flow of the information as it comes. I believe the Pleiadians guided my fingers to rest longer on those keys in those first few sentences because they knew that I would be doubting myself and would take note of this kind of thing, that I would see as ‘evidence’ that I’m not just making it all up. I do not remember holding my fingers on keys like that at all.
So anyway, where was I? Oh yes, right, so my guides told me that my principle guide’s name was ‘Sarah Anne’. And as it turns out…I did get confirmation that this was indeed the closest vibrational match to a name in our language that doesn’t just sound ‘alien’ aka like sounds all strung together….
This confirmation being (something rather exciting): I have recently discovered my principle spirit guide is a Pleiadian woman (a human with Pleiadian consciousness, like me) named Solara An Ra (You see – Saraaahh Aaaann) who is actually living a human life in this time, in conjunction with being my non-physical guide.
She is a spiritual teacher and guide, who channels information and meditations from her Pleiadian guides and other star-beings. She is a bit famous. I had been doing her visualisations and listening to her meditations long before this (came across her stuff about a year ago) and I just recently started getting really into it and then voila, I find this out! Crazy.
Her site where you can go to for these meditations etc is: http://solara.org.uk and/or search on YouTube for her channel which is ‘Solara An Ra’.

I still can’t quite believe it myself… 🙂

Anyway so, if you are reading this – I believe this part of the Pleiadian message here is just for you (it is not an accident you’re reading this):

Hope for the best!
Because, as Solara’s guides always say, the time is now!

About Starseeds: Extra-Terrestrials Incarnated as Human Beings and/or Walk Ins

The word ‘starseed’ has been associated with people who have had previous incarnations somewhere other than Earth. However, by that definition every one of us is a starseed because we have all had thousands of previous lives, more than one of them almost certainly to have occurred beyond this Earth. This term has caused some confusion. A more accurate understanding of the word ‘starseed’ and what it is ‘supposed’ to mean is: A starseed is someone who has an extra-terrestrial consciousness whilst living here on Earth.

Ways in which starseeds become incarnated here is what I am going to talk about – though there are probably more ways that these extra-terrestrial beings come to incarnate here than I have written about, these are the ones that I know of:

Soul Braid

A soul braid is when there is a human being’s and extra terrestrial’s consciousness sharing the same mind and body. Some people hold one human consciousness, and one extra-terrestrial consciousness, however, it can also be the case that a person may hold multiple soul consciousness’ (human and/or extra-terrestrial), sharing the same mind and body.

Soul Fork

A soul fork is an extra terrestrial being that has projected itself into a human body. The human consciousness is an extension of the extra-terrestrial, a manifestation that they have projected forth into this Earth reality. They are now an extra-terrestrial being that lives on planet Earth in the body of a human. When a soul fork dies, they will go back into their E.T. consciousness as opposed to ‘dying properly’ (for lack of a better term) I.e. when your consciousness is returned to source, becoming one with the all that is once again.
Additionally, the same goes for the E.T. part of the soul braid, whereas the human part of that braid will return to source.

Walk In

A walk in is where two individual souls have agreed to switch places. The soul that has taken its place will serve in a different capacity than before. The new spirit and the ‘old’ spirit have already agreed to make this transfer on a higher level, or before the incarnation on Earth. This is not possession. Permission has already been granted in order for this to take place. A walk in can be an extra terrestrial’s consciousness or another human consciousness.

Source: I first learned this information via an interview or two and a workshop that Teal Scott has done. Teal herself is a Soul Fork – she is an extra-terrestrial consciousness from Arcturus.

In this interview, Teal speaks about starseeds, soul forks, soul braids and walk ins. 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6HOkVGAV8M (at about 33:45 is when Teal begins to speak on these topics).

My Experience: How I Discovered I am a Soul Fork (Pleiadian)

Awhile ago I watched a workshop held by Teal Scott where a man who was on stage asking questions, was told that he was a soul braid by Teal. I had a very strong emotional reaction. Suddenly my life seemed to make so much sense, all the pain I went through and all the wisdom I have now, and the way that I just absorb knowledge and the way that I want to ‘help the world’  (it is the only thing I want to do, my passion is helping others in any way that I can).

Previous to this, I had done an automatic writing/channelling session where I spoke to my principle guide (who is a Pleiadian) (discovered this when I did a meditation to connect with my guide and got that intuition) who told me about how ‘I am a star’ and ‘we are sisters’ AKA she meant, ‘star sisters’ (as opposed to actual sisters (I have also, after a meditation gotten the phrase ‘you are a star’ in my head a number of times), I think it was just her trying to tell me I am also Pleiadian). She explained that that is why I felt like she is an aspect of me (when I first connected with her it was strange, I felt like I was talking to me…but not). She told me we share a mission and that ‘when we are done I will take you home and you will recall who you are and were and who you know yourself to truly be.’

So I’ve been walking around thinking I’m a Pleiadian/Human braid but then the other day I just finally had it confirmed that I am actually a Pleiadian soul fork (and that I am a member of the Intergalactic Federation of Light – hence my feeling of “I need to help save the world!”) which makes even MORE sense when I reflect upon my life. I have always had this sense of ‘I’m on a mission to save the world’ since I was like, 12. Also, have looked up at the stars since a very young age thinking, ‘that is home’ and got a sense of home sickness (and of course I just wrote it off as nothing) and because I remember when I was about 10 looking at my arm and my body and thinking it was “The WEIRDEST THING EVER! My body is so weird!”

Now I know I am meant to be a teacher which is why I have constantly changed career paths and passions.. I have always been aware of my ‘mission’ and that is ‘to help’. I have known this since a very young age. I didn’t know how I would, but I knew I had to, the earliest and the purest, most absolute goal I had (and still have).

I have realised within the last few days that I know so many things that others don’t, information that I thought was totally normal and very very obvious… I know what benefits people and what doesn’t, I know who is honest and who is not, I know A LOT about metaphysics and I know how to get through the darkest days of your life. And now I know, I went through hell so I can HELP, and really, truly, achieve this goal of saving the god damn world!

“Do aliens exist?” “Are they on our planet right now?”

What People Think and the Journey of Finding Oneself

I just read a blog by one of my favourite spiritual teachers, Teal Scott (AKA The Spiritual Catalyst). It was all about having the courage to stay true in the public eye, and not reacting to slander. It applies to our day to day lives as well. My experience in my life is one example.

Though there wasn’t/isn’t much drama, I still had my qualms about ‘coming out’ as an extremely spiritual individual. I know a lot of my old ‘friends’ (I don’t actually know if we are friends any more or not in their eyes, meh) think that I have lost my mind. My mum and brother are very uncomfortable with who I am because they are both Christians. I used to be a Christian until about Year 11 (age 16) when I left my old, very small Christian school and went to a large Anglican school. I was there for the duration of the HSC, so years 11 and 12. Though it was an Anglican school, most of the people in my grade were not Christians, just people at a Christian school. Because I was not encompassed by a circle of close, Christian friends in a Christian orientated environment, I…I am not even sure what happened, I’m trying to think of how to put it…Did I purposely release myself of Christianity? Did it just fade away? I’m not being philosophical here, I just can’t remember haha! I suspect that must mean it faded away…Anyway!

After high school I just sort of chilled out and worked for awhile before moving to Wollongong to live with a friend, and eventually started going to a College that was part of the University. It was there that I made friends with a very passionate Athiest, whom we shall call T.
T and I became really good friends and almost started dating. In amongst that, we were constantly having debates and discussions about the nature of the universe and ‘god’ etc. I wasn’t Christian at this stage but I believed in something, a god, I think, but not the Christian concept of who god is.
Eventually he had be convinced that there was nothing, that we live and die…y’know? …For about a day. But then I realised the nagging feeling of ‘there must be something more!’ meant that there WAS/IS something more/I should at least keep searching. He didn’t get that, oh well. We were still awesome friends for awhile.
free your mind
So I kept searching and thought about it on and off.

Then I went to TAFE to study Animal Studies Ceritificate II where I found a book on Spiritual Animal Communication in the library. I got so excited and then from there read everything I could on the subject, mostly over the net, then started teaching myself to do it. And I found that when you start reading about these intuitive abilities, you get connected to deeper spiritual ideals just by being on that path. So I ended up devouring like, every spiritual book in the library and probably half the ‘spiritual section’ of the internet.
Then I found running themes (that already resonated with me, I ‘just knew’) within many spiritual ideals – I found that all of the ‘new age’ and ancient beliefs are fundamentally connected by these foundational truths (and probably more I can’t recall):
the universe is interconnected
consciousness IS the universe
energy and vibration are the basis of the creative universe
what you give to the world, you will receive from the world (the ‘Law of Attraction’ – not karma!) There is no masculine god figure that dictates our lives, only we can control our lives
There is only ‘now’
We are creative, divine and eternal beings

Discovering these things allowed me to discover myself (more than I already had) and learn what my higher purpose is in this life – just to help, help all beings, in any way that I can (which is why my list of services are so broad). I always knew that I wanted to ‘help the world’, ever since I was young(er) but now, I know HOW and know the WHY which enhances the passion and inspiration I already felt. And NOW, Here I Am. There I am. I am who I truly am.

People think I am crazy, I have lost the plot, I am in some kind of cult mind programming, I am gullible and/or think my ‘powers’ come from ‘the devil’.
BUT I have fortitude (my guides have told me this phrase several times when I have been feeling low).

I don’t respond to people who are ‘just asking questions’ but who obviously want to start a debate/convince me of their truths. If people want the information I hold, or advice from my perspective, I will happily share. I want to share but only when I think it would be helpful to others. I won’t encourage others’ insecurity about themselves and their beliefs by allowing them to attempt to ‘disprove’ mine. I see no benefit in battling with others at all, especially when I have already battled myself (and the conditioning I was brought up in I.e. Christianity). I think people see this as a sign of idiocy, like I should constantly be challenging my truths. Not that I don’t think it’s beneficial to do so if you feel inspired, but only if you feel inspired. But it should never be because other people are scared they are wrong about their own beliefs, and so convince you to engage with them.

I think what the majority of people who try to start a debate with me are really dealing with is fear. They want to know that what they believe is for sure and certain. But no one can give you certainty but yourself because everyone will always have a different opinion, because everyone has lived different lives and gone through different experiences that have shaped who they are and how they view the world. There is no objective reality, there is only the one you create for yourself.

Knowing who you are and staying true to yourself is a beautiful thing to do, as opposed to than doing anything but.

How to Talk to Your Spirit Guides

Communicating with your Spirit Guides: Method 1 – ‘Automatic writing’

Sit down and take a few deep breaths. Focus on clearing your mind of distracting thoughts. Just focus on the breath.
Set the intention to communicate.  I.e. either write down, say out loud or say in your head what you want to do. Make it clear and definitive. so something like “I now set the intention to communicate with one of my guides/principle guide/whoever you want to say” (I think it helps to be specific) and add a supporting statement like “I know that this communication will be clear and I will hear exactly what I need to”.
Then, get a pen and paper and write out a question (you can ask it in your head or aloud at the same time if you want) then write down the first answer that you hear (when I say hear I don’t mean you’ll hear a physical voice, like someone is talking to you in the room, this is not what clairaudience means (although I’m sure there are very sensitive people who can literally hear spirit, it is unlikely whilst doing this and rather uncommon as far as I know).
It will come as words in your mind, sounding like your own voice, it may seem like you are talking to yourself in your head, but it isn’t from you that these thoughts are coming from).

You may also get an image, physical sensation, a deep knowing or an emotional feeling. All communication is just reading one another’s energy and the thoughts that flow in and out of it, so you could receive the information in whatever way your brain chooses to interpret it as. It will probably initially come through, your primary extra sensory ability (I.e. clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), claircognizance (knowing) etc).
Take note of anything and everything you receive.

Then, write out a new question and do the same thing as you did for your first query, then repeat for as long and for as many questions as you want.

merkaba symbol

Note 1: Remember, accurate intuitive impressions are almost always the very first thing that pops into your mind, so take that as your answer, even if your brain says you’re making it up because it seems to make no sense. You don’t want to put judgements on what you’re receiving, you can look at it again later to ease the ego mind if it wants to analyse it etc. Things often do make sense in hindsight, rather than in the moment.

Note 2: When doing automatic writing, it can be helpful to firstly write out all your thoughts – whatever you’ve been thinking about that day, like you’re writing a page in your journal. This is so that when you do connect and write out the communication, you are less likely to have invasive distracting thoughts that could cloud your clarity.

Communicating with your Spirit Guides – Method 2: ‘Feeling your Guides’

You’re doing the same thing to begin with – sit down quietly, set your intention then ask your guides to introduce themselves in the form of a feeling. You are intending to ‘feel’ their energy as an almost tangible vibration. You’ll feel their presence. Often their presence initially comes with a sudden feeling of warmth, love and/or bliss.
You can ask each guide to step forward one by one and you will notice subtle differences depending on which guide it is. One might come on strong and confident, the other might seem more nurturing and motherly, protective or fun – anything.
Note: Often your principle guide will be the one to step forward first.

With this method, it can also be helpful to visualise yourself meeting your guide/s. You could visualise yourself standing in a room or a garden, somewhere that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. You can then visualise your heart beaming a light out of your heart chakra area (chest) to connect to them. Watch and wait and you will feel a connection coming back to you. It will feel like a ‘Aha, there they are!’.

These are not the only ways to communicate, they are just the easiest to start with in my opinion.