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A Channeled Message from The One about Change and Time

Lately I have been feeling weird, blank and low vibrational. I tend to mentally beat myself up when I get like this. I feel like it’s not okay for me as a spiritual teacher or intuitive being to fall into low vibrations. I often feel as though I will be thought as less than or that my material will be devalued so I tend to just get mad at myself when I feel negatively focused.
But. That is part of what is changing at the moment.
The new wave of spiritual teachers or beings’ way is to be authentic. Authentic in sadness, in joy, in strength, in weakness, in loss, in faith, in lost and in found.

So below is a message about that^ from the group consciousness I channel known as The One… It is also about the changing of ‘time’. In the last little while my feeling of time and linear time has been disintegrating… subtly, but it’s there. It has felt strange and weird and chaotic to me… So this message holds some answers about that too.

So, this is a message that began as more of a personal message to me from The One, but it applies to all of us and goes on to share important information:

“WE are here with you now. It is okay to be a dreamer, to be a sun.

Sometimes the saddest stories are the ones we write ourselves.

WE are with you in your darkest times.

It is okay to not always see the light. It is okay to not always smile. There is yellow in the sun but not everyone sees the same colours. To some, all looks gray. All appears dreary and rainy with no sun at all. It is okay to be in the shadow of loss, or loss and love, and chaos and dichotomy. It is okay. Go where your feelings take you and you will find the rainbow at the end of it all. But first you must allow and receive, not take away from yourself through anger at yourself for feeling lower vibrations or what you deem as lower of vibration.

You are a child of the god or universal energy. You are a god of universal energy, the universe itself, you experience all arrays of all emotions including sadness and sunlessness and sunshine and loss and scouring the echoes of the past for reasons that no longer exist…? This happens too, but we deem it as okay. You should deem it as okay. It is what makes you, you (the learning from it).
Humans are so very caught up in what is and what is not, how things should be versus how they are not but listen when we tell you: it is time for change and growth and with that we must do away with all judgements and all precursors or pre-knowings of situations, assumptions, yes… Assumptions about what you think must be done in certain terms and situations based on the past. The time for change is now and with the changing of time comes allowing of the new. Allow the unsurety. Allow the hierarchy to fall. Your rules no longer apply in the now, in the newness of the now, the real NOW.

There is so much time and you always think you have so little but there is always time because time is a duality purposed construct that is FALLING AWAY at this time. It is falling and it is only seemingly chaotically. It is not actually because the chaos is in non-linearity itself.

You were not actually a linear creature before you came here. You were sewn into the earth to follow progress with the time and the turn of the sun’s shades and the earth’s spin, the dress of the illusion of time (as we have stated before), but now, you as a flower (this flower of time), that time is done. The time is ripe to fall from the tree and grow again. You sought so much for this. You sought so much and sought and sought. It is time to stop seeking and to turn away from all that you knew and begin to CREATE NEW. The rules are out the window. The chaos is gone; you just enhance it with your addiction to the rules themselves. Let no one stand in your way in the doorway of your newness. You are a whole, complete creator. You are the Earth as she turns and the soul in the stars as well. You are the ALL. And so it is.”

– The One

Featured Image: Devotion by Nik Helbig


girl window art

Beauty, Blank, Begin.

I realised I downplay my beauty for fear of being seen.

Why (do I fear)? (What do I fear?)

Not sure.

Lately I have felt blank.

I realised it is a newness of being. I think my concept of time is falling away. My world has literally moved in slow motion a couple of times in the last few days. I saw the movement of reality slow. It feels stagnant but yet it is movement. It is the perfect time to create. To begin. That is what the now is. It is a single everlasting moment.

I dance in this moment of blankness, of beauty and of beginning for reasons yet unknown to me.


You are a weight in me
Faith – she holds me down
I will write every time I feel anything at all
But especially this

I hope you realise
There is a lot left in eyes
That is left unsaid
Words, they come and they go
But eyes stay the same
Even as we grow
Is it what you wanted?
I guess we’ll never know

Time makes fools of us all
She writes herself into our skin
Where does she go?
How did she get me here?

Hold on
What’s said is said
What’s done is done
It’s the sun’s turn
And she yawns in the morning
Wakes me with her light
And I try again
Because time has written me permanently here

– Rebecca Elizabeth Anne

More Than This

Cradling stones hold fire bright as crickets call out to the moonlight, as you lean in to steal a kiss I’ll never need more than this.

We all share the pain of our histories but the ache goes away if you could see this night under stars, well, I call it peace if you say, ‘I’ll never need more than this’.

The trees grow so thick. You can barely see through. But the forest bestows the simplest of truths: you think you’ll be happy if granted one more wish but the truth is you’ll never need more, you’ll never need more, you’ll never need more than this.

Want so much in this life. There’s so much to be. We sail through our youth so impatiently until we see that the years move along and soldiers and heroes come home and they carry a song:
“Don’t live in forgotten times
May this always remind you of the sea under the skies blue looking glass.
Let’s make this our story, let’s live in the glory
Time, it fades away,
Precious as a song
Cause someday we’ll be gone”

Cradling stones hold fire bright as we watch the glow of the morning light…Someday our bones here they will lie, and so we sing as the years move along and soldiers and heroes come home and they carry a song:

“Let’s make this our story,
Let’s live in the glory
Time, it fades away,
Precious as a song
Cause someday we’ll be gone”

More Than This – Vanessa Carlton


I feel like time is becoming more malleable more than anything… What I mean is…our individual realitys are becoming more sensitive to our thoughts, the process of manifestation is happening way quicker than it used to for each of us…so when I think to myself, “Wow, today is going reallyyy slow.” I’m manifesting more of that, reinforcing that aspect of my day, like almost immediately, no manifestation buffer time. The reason for this is: because time is not a 3D, physical construct but rather a concept of the mind, it responds immediately, it doesn’t need that buffer time that physical manifestations need because it is a non-physical thing, it doesn’t need to wait around for events and places and things to align, for the physical substances to build upon each other (these processes and requirements that make manifesting physical things in our lives take so long).

For me, time seems to be speeding up. It very much depends on your initial outlook I think. The next thing I am now inspired to ponder is which observant thoughts other than ‘wow today feels slow’ create that initial slowness that prompts such observance…

– A lot of my posts seem to end in hmm these days…