girl water dress


I have found so much peace in the recent realisation that:

a) There is no actual truth, only agreed up on consensuses about each facet of reality.
b) Uncertainty is not a sea you have to drown in, but a place where you can float and await the happenings of your life with patient but eager curiosity.
c) I choose my beliefs, I choose my truth. I choose it through feeling and waiting to see what happens next. Then like water I change, adjust and flow wherever I need to, wherever I want to.


Love and the Truth of it All

People think that love can’t be: fantastical, full-blown, passionate and an everything-ness that ‘dreamers’ believe in.
Those people have just been lied to, lied to themselves and/or lost their faith.

If you believe in it, it IS (and can always be).

Love only fades or falls into supposed ‘natural’ complacency over time, if you allow that, and if you believe that is what you deserve.
Well, you don’t. You deserve more. You deserve the truth. You deserve the truest, most fulfilling, never-ending, compassionate and beautiful love that is the real love. It is the only kind.

And if he doesn’t see me for the truth of who I am, and the beauty of what I am, then he doesn’t know me at all, and most certainly doesn’t deserve to experience that.
I’m far-gone into passion and bliss, I’m a believer in the eternal nature of compassion and hope, of love and stability – no one says it’s effortless, no one says it’s easy or hard – YOU decide. You decide everything, every moment of your life. And decide to love fully, wholly, wildly, fantastically, over-the-top, stars in our eyes, dancing at every wedding and believing in the future, believing because it’s automatic when you look at each other, and if you don’t, then what the fuck are you doing?

To love any other way…is half-love. I am made up of whole love, and only that.

starLove is a shooting star. Burns up, and fades away, yes – but only after a thousand, precious moments of light, providing something beautiful – even at the end.