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Knots, Mess, Life, Courage and Change

I feel like everything is going crazy.

– It’s already February 21st. How the hell did that happen?

– 2 arguments in the same day with the people closest to me recently. Only 1 of which is resolved.

– Psychic abilities advancing (can hear my guide more, see much more clairvoyantly – see this post if interested in reading more).

– Friends fading in and out of my reality. Painful first then I release, then they’re back, then they’re gone. Then they’re back.

– Final shedding of past relationships pain – to a degree. I still carry the tears and scars I am unable to face yet. But there is definitely some kind of detachment also happening.

– One of my kitties got sick. He’s fine. But that’s never happened before.

– I feel like I am connecting way more strongly to my higher self. This has led to many life improvements due to increased inspiration and moments of motivation. E.g. Random inspiration to start playing guitar again, wearing more floaty, pretty clothes (I know that sounds superficial but it truly isn’t – clothing can represent who you are inside), improving my diet (buying more organic food, reducing wheat/gluten intake, reducing the amount of sugar I eat – with hopes to eventually have none in my diet – definitely have a sugar addiction going on but this is the first time I have felt very strong, motivated urge to try to kick it), cleaning and updating my house a bit more, reduced chemical medication, improved mentality and increased motivation towards my business goals. I’m being inspired to help others more even beyond my own business. Just…in general. Openness and willingness to connect and try to help others heal themselves.

– I am in some kind of weird never-been-like-this-before stage of fearlessness – no, rather, I am being courageous: I am terrified of many things but I am doing them anyway. My guides have always told me that I have ‘fortitude’. I feel I am really conscious of how that is at the moment, and that the level has increased.

– Letting myself feel my feelings more and more.

– Trying to understand and utilise the benefits of being very sensitive.

The thing that makes it all seem intense and crazy is the fact that it’s all been very close together.

Ultimately, I think my overall vibration/frequency is increasing at a rapid rate. Things are being released painfully, beautifully and new things are being born perfectly.

Exciting things are on their way.

(Or at least, it is what I am trying to believe. I choose my beliefs. I am.)

I wrote this status thing the other day and I think it sums up what I’m trying to express:

“Life is a fucking mess. Like, that’s actually what it is. Life is this unexplainable, messy, chaotic, beautiful, insane, ever changing nonsense experience. So much can happen in a small amount of time. Even when it looks as though nothing has changed, the tables and chairs have all been thrown around the room by unseen, volatile forces and you missed it because you blinked, but then you’re in it. Life is a fucking wonderful, painful, shining mess.”

Meanwhile, my guide, Sahasrara, says to me (with images of knots in a rope joining to more of the same):

“Everything ties together perfectly. Everything will tie together perfectly. Everything will be alright.”

My conclusion:

“Even the things that look like knots in your life are just the bridges that bind together, to create perfect life.”


Friends. Question Mark.

When your vibration changes –> your world changes –> your friends can disappear (because you are no longer a vibrational match).

I am not good at allowing such things, as much as I try. It happened before and I thought I learnt from it and became okay about it. But alas, I am not good at feeling this loneliness once again.


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Kings Cross

Tonight I am staying in a hotel with my mum at Kings Cross. I am so tired but my head is buzzing. The energy here makes me feel like I can’t get clean. I constantly want to have a shower. The energetic atmosphere is thick, congested and unprocessed. It’s making my own auric field feel like that too (not a lot but yet it is highly noticeable).

Everyone’s worst selves are out there partying at the clubs and brothels in the streets below… Everyone and their issues are all out here for relief from the suppression. They’re here to express…via some pretty shit avenues.

The energy here is both stuffy and volatile at the same time. It’s weird.

It’s been a nice day otherwise. Just came to share my observations. My mind is ablaze but my eyes are tired yet the music and the people are so loud they prompt more thoughts.

Channelling from Guides and Meditation

Channelling just Received:

“Sometimes you will just feel an urge to channel like this and things will go smoothly. Other times it may take a while. But it’s all the same in the end. You are always aligned with us even in your darkest moments. Don’t worry. Don’t worry.
Guidance at this time is a necessity in your incarnation. We are here for you. We are here for you. We sense your overwhelming sadness and we extend ourselves to you. You are NOT alone. Train yourself with us and we can show you how very alone you are NOT.”
/vision: reaching out of arms with pink energy, white gown, golden hair and light – 6 beings

“Every emotion you feel, we feel it to. We are connected. We are as one. You’re going to be alright. Becc, in due time. And everything leads to a greater song. All the sad songs, they make up the symphony.
Know that you are not alone.”

I used a small quartz sphere today during meditation. I wasn’t sure why, I just felt the intuition to hold it (him…I think it’s a him).
I asked why this was so after the meditation. I learnt that the spherical shape is good for aligning the spine and thus aligning with columns of energy that I was connecting to between Gaia, the Galaxy (source) and myself. The quartz sphere’s energetic grid is just perfectly evenly structured and thus well suited to this kind of meditation.

fairy bird art

I really felt the being that is Gaia during this meditation (during the part where one grounds oneself to Gaia and creates a light column that suspends you, or rather, your vibration between Gaia and the Galaxy (source).
I really love Gaia. I just really resonate with her as…’as a person’?
She is so big and grand and majestic, and so giving and sometimes sad (I will never forget one time at my previous workplace that I was doing a very quick grounding exercise during my break at my desk and as I did this, I got this intense wave of just sadness and grief from Gaia and I felt such compassion and empathy…it was one of my rare, truly energetically empathic moments. I’m still not sure why she sent that to me so randomly. But I sent her love back anyway and we were both alright). But she is mostly grand and so aware of her part in this universe and her responsibility and she lives with us without judgement and without anger at what we may do to/upon her… She knows herself, her role and us. She loves us so, so dearly. She truly is The Mother.

The meditation I did just now is the Pleiadian Essential Daily Practises by Solara An-Ra.
It’s very good and all inclusive…what I mean is that it covers grounding to Earth, aligning with source, balancing chakras and bringing in unconditional love. Very thorough, with even cleansing.

It is ‘me and Solara’s’ meditation. : ) It is very special to me because it is the one where we do channelled somatic movement therapy together. Basically every time I do it, I get ‘the urge’ (aka channelled energy flows through to guide my movements) to move in slow swaying movements as I sit cross legged. I am guided to move my hands and body around in all sorts of ways. E.g. Doing a prayer movement or creating a triangle shape with my hands, roll my neck, stretch my arms in different shapes, hold my palms to my third eye area…many different things. As it turns out, this is me being guided by my primary guide, Solara An Ra.
Its purpose is to align my system, clear my energetic meridians and ultimately bend and play with my genetic helix (of light) to allow higher energies to come through. Repeated sessions of this will result in my frequency rising to the point where I will be able to align with my Pleiadian guide/s, higher self, brothers and sisters more so than at present, so that I can channel Pleiadian messages of love and information smoothly and accurately to the masses.

It has all been a very interesting experience!

Love to anyone reading this.

P.S. The message offered to me by my guides about definitely being NOT alone…it is extended to YOU too.
You are NOT alone. You are so very un-alone. You are surrounded. You are loved. I love you.
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The Semi-Psychic Girl

I am a person with active extra sensory abilities. My psychic abilities are active and accurate when I want them to be. I do have to ‘get in the zone’ first. It took practise, too. I didn’t come into this world born seeing tulpas (ghosts), auras, guides etc.

The problem though is – as one develops these skills, they do start to ‘switch on’ randomly throughout the day/night. The further you develop them, the more often these extra senses will activate throughout the day/night until eventually, they will always be active, all the time (as they were always intended to be before we all stopped using them as babies and children, as we learnt that seeing what’s apparently ‘not there’ (to the adults) was inappropriate and just ‘make believe’. Like an unused muscle, they atrophied).

So basically right now, I am in this transition stage. I can use my psychic senses when I want pretty well for healing and counselling etc. However, the more I use them the more they are switching back to their natural state which is one of always being ‘on’. And, this is actually pretty wonderful to me!
However, at the moment it’s just crazy because it is all really very active in the corner of my eye, more than ever before – which is a really really weird feeling. It is one thing to see something out of the corner of your eye every now and then, it’s another to have stuff going on there constantly!
Note about that: The reason people see things out of the corner of their eye, and when they look it ‘disappears’ is because the sides of our eyes are more sensitive than the centre. You can test this by looking at stars – pick a star and look at it straight on, then look at it through your peripheral vision and it will appear brighter.
As one’s psychic abilities grow, the vibration of the senses (and of you, in general) raises. When our vibration changes, so does our reality and the way that we perceive it, the ‘amount of it’ that we can perceive. All is energy, so if you as an energetic entity raising in vibration, you are naturally going to start seeing the world’s higher vibrational energy as well (aka higher dimensions – dimensions being, just another ‘layer’ of energy that overlays and encompasses our world).
Additionally, the reason people usually see these things ‘in the corner of the eye’ at night is because we are obviously more sensitive to light in the dark…

energy eye rainbow

The point is, I cannot wait until this transitory period is over and I move more into the phase of seeing the ‘whole picture’ of the non physical energy that is apparently floating around me.

So far:

I see a violet, glowing light that overlays everything, sometimes during the day but mostly at night time. This is not just in the corner of the eye. This is across all of my vision field. This violet light is actually an ‘energy stain’ across my vision. The reason this is occurring is because as a natural channel I have a very active, strong and open crown chakra. The colour is violet because the crown chakra’s frequency is one that matches the vibration of ‘violet’ on the light spectrum. This stain shows that my crown chakra is constantly highly active, so much so that I didn’t even realise that the regular thoughts in my head would be considered unusual and of a spiritual nature if compared to a ‘normal person’. My intuition is basically ‘always on’ and information of a spiritual or metaphysical nature is constantly, immediately available to me.
Faeries, but only in my house and only at night time. These aren’t just in the corner of my eye, but I sense more of them there than straight on. These appear to me as little dots of light – mostly white or yellow, occasionally blue and the other night I saw a red/orange one for the first time. I know that they are faeries because the first time I saw them I was practising in the dark of my lounge room and asked whatever entity that wanted to participate to help me to ‘stand’ at a particular spot near the wall. I looked and waited, saw these dots and had what I call ‘a knowing’ : “Faeries”.
‘A knowing’ is the only words I can think of that describe what receiving information through the crown chakra is like. It’s not that I literally hear an external voice that says things, it’s that I ‘hear’ it in my head, in my head/thinking voice, “they’re Faeries”. This is called Claircognizance (clear knowing) and is my strongest extra sensory ability (hence why channelling is so easy for me). I also had a session with a medical intuitive (someone who uses their psychic senses to look and understand at the energetic and physical health of the body) who stated she could see Faeries all around my head.
Difficult to describe, floating ‘stuff’ that glows and moves around in a flowing motion – this is the most bothersome and newest one at the moment because it all remains in the corner of my eye, not in front at all, so I really don’t know what it looks like and it’s very active.
A strong, almost tangible feeling that there is someone or something standing very close to me on my left or right side. It’s the same as how you can ‘feel’ when someone is looking at you intensely. But it’s always there! And I know it is probably just my guides, and if I tuned in properly I would sense that. But having that feeling all the time is really very strange!
I am also finding that I will become, very randomly and suddenly, extremely empathic (i.e. feel the emotions of others around me as if they were my own). I do this when I connect to others consciously for healing purposes or whatever, but this, this is very odd!

I would rather have it all switched on, full on, rather than this weeeeirdness. I feel like this Clefairy…

pokemon clefairy

But, then again, I’m not actually complaining because this is actually a really good sign that my skills are growing. Yay!

Just wanted to get it out 🙂 Love to anyone reading this!

How to Talk to Animals: Animal Communication

How to Talk to Animals: Animal Communication

Animal Communication is basically telepathy. You are aligning your unique ‘you’ vibration with the animal’s unique vibration. It is a meeting of minds. At the point of connection you could say you are literally sharing one mind. This is why the information you send/receive can be felt and known  via any of the senses (physical and ‘extra’-sensory perceptions. I.e. Thoughts, feelings, images, physical sensations, sounds, tastes and smells.
Note in regards to receiving thoughts: Yes, what I mean is you will send/receive actual words, like an actual conversation between you and the animal. But, you can also receive thoughts from a more direct place of knowing – those thoughts that make you say, “I don’t know how I know, but I KNOW.” – what you might call a strong, spiritual intuition.

Telepathy is the language of the universe because ‘communication’ is simply the sending and receiving of energy. It is a transference of energy that holds informative and particular vibration, AKA that which we call, ‘information’.  This is why and how people who go out of body via astral projection or a near-death experience will ‘speak’ to other beings via telepathy. Distance does not matter when it comes to telepathy, or any energy exchange at all.

Animals exist in the physical world and so yes, they do communicate with their

bodies (this includes utilising the vocal cords), but this is fairly unconscious (just like most of us are unaware just how much information our body language conveys to another person).
Animals do not consciously speak a loud to one another because they live in the quiet of knowing their true divinity. There is no need for words when you know that all beings are connected and that all is conscious, as the animals do. It is only us humans that feel such a deep sense of separation that we think we have to expend extra energy by using our physical bodies (via the vocal cords) to send and receive thoughts and ideas we wish to share with one another.Cat Communication

By utilising telepathy you are able to commune with any being, plant or animal, living or deceased, physical or non-physical, terrestrial or extra-terrestrial. It is just a matter of practise.

The first thing one must cultivate is silence in the mind. This can be achieved by meditating and breathing deeply, which relaxes the mind and body. You need to reach the mental space of ‘no-thought’ so that you are ready to receive incoming thoughts from the other being. If your mind is not clear your own thoughts will distort or block you from the information you receive.

You must also be prepared to send as well. To remain in the relaxed state, you should have your questions/statements clear and ready-to-go, before you start. Know exactly what you want to say and when you want to say it.

On the other hand, you don’t have to have a set list of things to say – you could just say, “Hi, is there anything you want to tell me?”

The easiest way for me to explain how to connect and what it animal communication feels like is to give you an example (I may write a more detailed “How to Connect” article in the future).
Before I do so, I will tell you about:

Setting Your Intention

I believe that setting a clear intention of what you want to do and why does the following things:

1. Helps you stay focused – with a clear goal in mind, your ego-mind will be less ‘in the way’ of the peace you are trying to maintain. This is because the ego-mind likes having something to do. It will be satisfied with clear instructions and having a ‘plan’.

2. Lets the animal know why you are communicating with them (intention, just like everything else, is an energetic piece of information. Any being that is sensitive to energy will automatically pick up on your intention, or at the very least, they will know if you hold positive or negative intentions). Once they understand why you are communicating, their interest will be peaked, so they will be more open energetically and thus this can allow you to connect with ease. They can feel the mental energy, the focus being placed on them.

How to Set Your Intention:

An intention is just a statement or a thought that explains what you are doing and why you are doing it. Basically you want to a) state what and why you are doing what you’re doing and b) provide a supporting statement, an affirmation that it will go smoothly.
The best way I can explain it is with an example:

My intention for when I communicated with Garrett, the dog was something like,
“I now set the intention to commune with Garrett. I align my mind and heart with his so that we may speak to one another. I do this on behalf of his human guardian, ‘namegoeshere’. I know that our connection is strong through the oneness of the natural, divine source that we all share. This communication will flow clearly and easily. I set this intention with love and with the highest good of all in mind.”

The Communication

This is part of a communication I had with a dog named Garrett. I have added in the methodology:

1. I made sure I was in a comfortable position and relaxed. I closed my eyes. I then took as many deep breaths as I needed to until I had slowed down my mind enough to stop thinking and be quiet inside my mind (so that I would be able to hear Garrett). *I keep my eyes closed throughout the communication unless I want to write/draw something to allow for visual imagery to flow easily*.

2. I then focused on a photo of Garrett and stated my intention aloud (you can do it in your mind if you want, it does not matter).
Note: If you are going to communicate with the animal in your presence, make sure they aren’t doing something particularly interesting to them, like eating dinner or playing ball.
Other than those obvious, ‘I’m busy’ times, don’t worry if it looks like the animal is not focusing. Animals are always multi-tasking. They ARE listening, trust me.

3. I acknowledged Garrett as a wise, intelligent being. I said/thought to myself, “I know that Garrett is just an extension of me, and we are an extension of the divinity of all.” – You should say something that makes you feel a sense of oneness and equality with the animal.

4. I focused on feelings of unconditional love. I did this by asking the universe to send universal love down, into my heart. You can also try to think of a time you felt wholly loved, a positive memory perhaps, and hold that feeling in your heart space – any method of bringing love to yourself is fine. I then I sent that feeling of unconditional love and oneness I felt ‘towards’ Garrett via an imaginary soft pink light coming from my heart chakra.Earth Energy This is an energetic invitation for Garret to connect with my energy so we can share the same space of consciousness I.e. begin communication. I sent this pink light to Garrett’s heart and then imagined it spreading over his body until he was covered in a loving, pink glow.

From there, it is all about feeling and trusting your intuition.

So, I said: “Hi Garrett, my name is Rebecca and I’m wondering if you’d like to communicate with me on behalf of your person?” and then I heard a “Yes! That’d be great!” in my mind. When I say I ‘heard’ it I don’t mean I heard it like someone was talking to me in the room. What I mean is I ‘heard’ it in my mind. Any words that you hear from an animal sounds like your own voice, your own thinking voice inside your head. All the images too – it feels like your imagination – but it isn’t.

After I got the confirmation from Garrett that is was alright to start communicating, I started asking him questions. I did this by stating them in my head to Garrett and by sending visual imagery to him.
E.g. “Garrett, your person wants to know how you have been feeling in your body…?” *I send a picture to Garrett of himself*  *I also said the word ‘body’ with emphasis*

Answers would start to come into my own mind in the form of words and images. The images are in your mind too, and the look the same as when you day dream, except this time it was definitely not my day dream, but rather a little dog named Garrett’s!
E.g. I see an image (this image is in the mind’s eye) of Garrett’s paw, it’s bending forward in a painful, weird way. It looks like he is on a footpath, on a lead. I hear the word, “I hurt my paw. It’s fine. But it got all scratched up. It still hurts. But it’s fine.” I then got the *knowing* that because he only sent that image, it means the rest of his body is feeling okay.

Next question,: “Garrett, your people want to know if you have a life purpose or particular reason that you came to be with them in this life…?” *I did not send any images here*
Garrett said, “My life contract with them is to see them through any hard times they might face and to let them know that the world is a safe place to be in. I am here to teach them to be brave when they aren’t strong and to not run from a fight – their fears.” *Did not receive any images*

And then it just goes on and on until you are done. When you have finished, make sure the last thing you say is a true and heartfelt thank you to the animal. Thank them for helping you learn and make sure they know that you know what a lot of humans are yet to fully grasp –  we are one and the same (a very wise cat said that to me as his goodbye in a previous communication, I will never forget the purity of that statement).

I am firstly clairaudient (clear-hearing) and then clairvoyant (clear-seeing) so my communications usually come in the form of words and images. I also usually get some clairsentient (clear-feeling) communication in there as well. Very occasionally I have experience clairgustance (clear-tasting) which is usually very funny to me because it is so strange…E.g. I asked my cats their favourite food, my mouth starts to water for and I can taste delicious cat biscuits in my mouth. I might as well have been drooling over a big block of chocolate…but it was cat food!

So, there is a simple introduction to Animal Communication!

What People Think and the Journey of Finding Oneself

I just read a blog by one of my favourite spiritual teachers, Teal Scott (AKA The Spiritual Catalyst). It was all about having the courage to stay true in the public eye, and not reacting to slander. It applies to our day to day lives as well. My experience in my life is one example.

Though there wasn’t/isn’t much drama, I still had my qualms about ‘coming out’ as an extremely spiritual individual. I know a lot of my old ‘friends’ (I don’t actually know if we are friends any more or not in their eyes, meh) think that I have lost my mind. My mum and brother are very uncomfortable with who I am because they are both Christians. I used to be a Christian until about Year 11 (age 16) when I left my old, very small Christian school and went to a large Anglican school. I was there for the duration of the HSC, so years 11 and 12. Though it was an Anglican school, most of the people in my grade were not Christians, just people at a Christian school. Because I was not encompassed by a circle of close, Christian friends in a Christian orientated environment, I…I am not even sure what happened, I’m trying to think of how to put it…Did I purposely release myself of Christianity? Did it just fade away? I’m not being philosophical here, I just can’t remember haha! I suspect that must mean it faded away…Anyway!

After high school I just sort of chilled out and worked for awhile before moving to Wollongong to live with a friend, and eventually started going to a College that was part of the University. It was there that I made friends with a very passionate Athiest, whom we shall call T.
T and I became really good friends and almost started dating. In amongst that, we were constantly having debates and discussions about the nature of the universe and ‘god’ etc. I wasn’t Christian at this stage but I believed in something, a god, I think, but not the Christian concept of who god is.
Eventually he had be convinced that there was nothing, that we live and die…y’know? …For about a day. But then I realised the nagging feeling of ‘there must be something more!’ meant that there WAS/IS something more/I should at least keep searching. He didn’t get that, oh well. We were still awesome friends for awhile.
free your mind
So I kept searching and thought about it on and off.

Then I went to TAFE to study Animal Studies Ceritificate II where I found a book on Spiritual Animal Communication in the library. I got so excited and then from there read everything I could on the subject, mostly over the net, then started teaching myself to do it. And I found that when you start reading about these intuitive abilities, you get connected to deeper spiritual ideals just by being on that path. So I ended up devouring like, every spiritual book in the library and probably half the ‘spiritual section’ of the internet.
Then I found running themes (that already resonated with me, I ‘just knew’) within many spiritual ideals – I found that all of the ‘new age’ and ancient beliefs are fundamentally connected by these foundational truths (and probably more I can’t recall):
the universe is interconnected
consciousness IS the universe
energy and vibration are the basis of the creative universe
what you give to the world, you will receive from the world (the ‘Law of Attraction’ – not karma!) There is no masculine god figure that dictates our lives, only we can control our lives
There is only ‘now’
We are creative, divine and eternal beings

Discovering these things allowed me to discover myself (more than I already had) and learn what my higher purpose is in this life – just to help, help all beings, in any way that I can (which is why my list of services are so broad). I always knew that I wanted to ‘help the world’, ever since I was young(er) but now, I know HOW and know the WHY which enhances the passion and inspiration I already felt. And NOW, Here I Am. There I am. I am who I truly am.

People think I am crazy, I have lost the plot, I am in some kind of cult mind programming, I am gullible and/or think my ‘powers’ come from ‘the devil’.
BUT I have fortitude (my guides have told me this phrase several times when I have been feeling low).

I don’t respond to people who are ‘just asking questions’ but who obviously want to start a debate/convince me of their truths. If people want the information I hold, or advice from my perspective, I will happily share. I want to share but only when I think it would be helpful to others. I won’t encourage others’ insecurity about themselves and their beliefs by allowing them to attempt to ‘disprove’ mine. I see no benefit in battling with others at all, especially when I have already battled myself (and the conditioning I was brought up in I.e. Christianity). I think people see this as a sign of idiocy, like I should constantly be challenging my truths. Not that I don’t think it’s beneficial to do so if you feel inspired, but only if you feel inspired. But it should never be because other people are scared they are wrong about their own beliefs, and so convince you to engage with them.

I think what the majority of people who try to start a debate with me are really dealing with is fear. They want to know that what they believe is for sure and certain. But no one can give you certainty but yourself because everyone will always have a different opinion, because everyone has lived different lives and gone through different experiences that have shaped who they are and how they view the world. There is no objective reality, there is only the one you create for yourself.

Knowing who you are and staying true to yourself is a beautiful thing to do, as opposed to than doing anything but.

An Unedited Train of Thought

Today I am driving down to my parent’s house to see my sister and her boyfriend who have just returned from a trip to Bali. I am driving down in the coming moments because of a feeling of guilt and pressure… I want to see them but I don’t want to go travelling right now in this moments and quite probably not in the next few moments either (though all moments change within the previous (if we pretend the new moments exist in the previous moment, as we often do) and themselves…how lovely).
I also have to go to the pet shop to pick up a new collar for my friend’s cat who has lost her old one…he is away in Sydney and I said I’d look after her.

So, y’know, these things…I wish to do them, I do! But why am I halted? Why am I typing right now instead of moving? The answers elude me at this time. It would take some thinking. And I ‘don’t have the time’ to do so in this and the upcoming moments…
But time is an illusion and space is a dream we pretend is real… How lovely it would be to see things as they truly are, at all times. But then, we would not be here, we would not exist…because we would know everything. And where is the fun in that?

I often forget that this life is full of beauty and empowering moments. I too often yearn for the non-physical to become more of my reality than the physical, the one that I am here to live through and experience.

I then feel guilt that I do not remember the beauty and magnificence that this world holds. But it is relieved by knowing I am in the ‘prison planet’ where the strongest vibration emanating from the human collective consciousness is that of powerlessness…which means that the largest asking that emanates from humanity is the opposite – freedom.

I am walking towards freedom and I couldn’t know freedom without knowing the powerlessness. So I shall try to appreciate the feeling of powerlessness too, for the desire and knowing it has brought forth, the knowing of what freedom is.

Where else in the universe could one learn the bliss of freedom but in the place of powerlessness…? I suppose this world is beautiful after all.

How to Talk to Your Spirit Guides

Communicating with your Spirit Guides: Method 1 – ‘Automatic writing’

Sit down and take a few deep breaths. Focus on clearing your mind of distracting thoughts. Just focus on the breath.
Set the intention to communicate.  I.e. either write down, say out loud or say in your head what you want to do. Make it clear and definitive. so something like “I now set the intention to communicate with one of my guides/principle guide/whoever you want to say” (I think it helps to be specific) and add a supporting statement like “I know that this communication will be clear and I will hear exactly what I need to”.
Then, get a pen and paper and write out a question (you can ask it in your head or aloud at the same time if you want) then write down the first answer that you hear (when I say hear I don’t mean you’ll hear a physical voice, like someone is talking to you in the room, this is not what clairaudience means (although I’m sure there are very sensitive people who can literally hear spirit, it is unlikely whilst doing this and rather uncommon as far as I know).
It will come as words in your mind, sounding like your own voice, it may seem like you are talking to yourself in your head, but it isn’t from you that these thoughts are coming from).

You may also get an image, physical sensation, a deep knowing or an emotional feeling. All communication is just reading one another’s energy and the thoughts that flow in and out of it, so you could receive the information in whatever way your brain chooses to interpret it as. It will probably initially come through, your primary extra sensory ability (I.e. clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), claircognizance (knowing) etc).
Take note of anything and everything you receive.

Then, write out a new question and do the same thing as you did for your first query, then repeat for as long and for as many questions as you want.

merkaba symbol

Note 1: Remember, accurate intuitive impressions are almost always the very first thing that pops into your mind, so take that as your answer, even if your brain says you’re making it up because it seems to make no sense. You don’t want to put judgements on what you’re receiving, you can look at it again later to ease the ego mind if it wants to analyse it etc. Things often do make sense in hindsight, rather than in the moment.

Note 2: When doing automatic writing, it can be helpful to firstly write out all your thoughts – whatever you’ve been thinking about that day, like you’re writing a page in your journal. This is so that when you do connect and write out the communication, you are less likely to have invasive distracting thoughts that could cloud your clarity.

Communicating with your Spirit Guides – Method 2: ‘Feeling your Guides’

You’re doing the same thing to begin with – sit down quietly, set your intention then ask your guides to introduce themselves in the form of a feeling. You are intending to ‘feel’ their energy as an almost tangible vibration. You’ll feel their presence. Often their presence initially comes with a sudden feeling of warmth, love and/or bliss.
You can ask each guide to step forward one by one and you will notice subtle differences depending on which guide it is. One might come on strong and confident, the other might seem more nurturing and motherly, protective or fun – anything.
Note: Often your principle guide will be the one to step forward first.

With this method, it can also be helpful to visualise yourself meeting your guide/s. You could visualise yourself standing in a room or a garden, somewhere that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. You can then visualise your heart beaming a light out of your heart chakra area (chest) to connect to them. Watch and wait and you will feel a connection coming back to you. It will feel like a ‘Aha, there they are!’.

These are not the only ways to communicate, they are just the easiest to start with in my opinion.